Microsoft launches Bing Image Creator: how to experience AI that creates images

bing image creator

It was only a matter of time before Microsoft take advantage of the partnership started with Open AI to exploit its discoveries: and after Bing resurrected thanks to GPT-4, now comes Bing Image Creator. The new feature is powered by the capabilities of “an advanced version of the DALL-E model“, and therefore it could be the most recent GIVE HER 2. Consequently, this time the aim is not to be a co-pilot of research but a real generative AI with which create images from text sentences, just like with other platforms like Midjourney (whose latest results they are crazy), Stable Diffusion and Runway.

Bing Image Creator is the new iteration of Microsoft AI, this time to create images

Trying Bing Image Creator is very simple (provided you be registered to Bing and use Edge): just go to the official website (you can find it at the end of the article) and give a text input, wait a few seconds and the AI ​​replies with 4 images, each of which can be downloaded and/or shared in 1.024 x 1.024 pixel resolution and JPG format; alternatively, you can click on the “surprise me” and let the AI ​​generate a random image. For the moment there are some limitations, starting from the need to use text input in English to blocking certain sensitive words (to prevent controversial images from being generated).

Try Bing Image Creator

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