ZTE Blade V41 Vita review: smartphone with excellent value for money

ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE, a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, brings the new to the market Blade V41: a mid-range device that can deliver great performance at a more than fair price. Find out with us what makes this smartphone probably one of the best out there when it comes to the report quality price in this specific market segment!

ZTE Blade V41 Vita review

Design and materials

ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita can boast a slim and elegant design, with a thickness of only 7.98 millimeters and a display from 6.6". On the front side we find a notch to drop dedicated to the camera for selfies, while on the back side a camera block positioned at the top left, composed of two circular lenses and three sensors. Alongside the rear camera we find one thin black band glossy that covers the entire length of the smartphone, including the top LED flash.

The two circular lenses are embossed and feature a gold edge which tries to highlight the importance of the camera. The smartphone has a stylish satin black color on which it seems to be really difficult to leave fingerprints. On the right rear side there are two physical buttons, one of which is dedicated to the volume and the other to turning the device on and off. At the bottom we find the entrance USB-C, the exit Jack 3.5mm and speakers. The exact dimensions are 75 x 163.7 x 7.98 mm with a weight of 200 grams.


ZTE Blade V41 Vita

As mentioned above, ZTE Blade V41 Vita It features an IPS LCD display Full HD+ (resolution 1080 x 2408 pixels) from 6.6" e 400 ppi. The refresh rate that we find on this display is 90 Hz, very useful to make the user experience extremely fluid. The colors are bright and well reproduced, with the possibility of adjusting the temperature directly from the operating system. In fact, we will be able to choose whether to have warmer or colder shades, while the maximum brightness offered always guarantees excellent visibility. However, there is no support for HDR.

Hardware and Performance

ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita It is equipped with Mediatek Dimensity 810 chipset with 6-nanometer manufacturing process and equipped with octa-core CPU (2x Cortex A76 2.4 GHz + 6x Cortex A55 2.0 GHz). The GPU is one Mali-G57 MC2, with which you can also use your smartphone to play the most popular titles at the moment on the Play Store.

As for the RAM, however, this ZTE signed smartphone is equipped with 6 GB LPDDR4X, but the device can take advantage of 5 GB more than Virtual RAM. Available storage space is 128 GB UFS 2.2, useful for storing a large amount of photos, videos, documents and applications. A microSD slot is also available, in case you want to expand the available storage.

The general feeling is that of having a smartphone with good performance, able to complete the most common tasks in an optimal way. Surfing the internet, browsing social media and chatting won't be a problem at all for him ZTE Blade V41 Vita. The multimedia sector is also of good quality: YouTube videos are fluid up to 1080p60, but it is not possible to go further. Already at a resolution of 1440p60 the phone will start snapping, highlighting the limitations of the hardware.

As mentioned above, the GPU allows you to run the main games available on the Play Store without any problems: watch out for overheating though. Among other functions, the possibility of making payments via Google Pay thanks to the connection stands out NFC, while up to two SIMs can be used with connectivity 5G, Or the 6 WiFi of new generation.


ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita offers a triple camera with main sensor from 50 MP, capable of taking really good photos. In the examples that you find below you can appreciate a view of the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium of Naples, a zoom 20x of one of the entrances and a close-up of the Funko POP! of Harry Potter. In all three cases the camera performed excellently, guaranteeing good quality in "tip and snap“. Also excellent catches with low light, able to capture details well even in bad light conditions.

The front camera from 8 MP, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired: the colors are often too bright and the shades cannot be recognized well. For quick shots it may also be fine, but if you have to take more important photos we advise you to always use the rear camera which offers a much higher quality.


ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita is equipped with Android 12 Updated to security patches November 2022, with the UI My OS 12.0.6. The user experience is very similar to the stock one, with small additions that don't upset or revolutionize the Android operating system. We have an alphabetically ordered drawer for applications, tabbed multitasking and the classic user experience of widgets that can be positioned on the homescreen.

  Google app are already pre-installed, alongside some additions such as WPS Office, ZTE Cares for quick support and two games (Puzzle Pets and MC: Rebel Guns) to start using your smartphone right away. Furthermore, this UI allows us to choose whether to use the virtual keys or the navigation gestures, in order to have more space available for the contents.

What we find on this ZTE, therefore, it is the classic user experience that can be found on an Android smartphone devoid of meaninglessness bloatware. From this point of view, one can be very satisfied with the work done by the Chinese company, which has kept us busy in keeping its UI free from frills.

Battery autonomy and charging

ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita It is equipped with a battery 4500 mAh which guarantees excellent autonomy to the smartphone. With use "Ordinary” made of a few phone calls, and many social apps open for several hours, we arrive in the evening without major problems with the battery still able to provide a few hours of autonomy.

Fast charging from 22.5, it also ensures that the phone is charged at 100% within 2 hours if not even less. This type of recharge can be used with the charger included in the package and with any other compatible device that can guarantee at least the same wattage.

ZTE Blade V41 Vita – Price and considerations

ZTE Blade V41 Vita

ZTE Blade V41 Vita it offers simply excellent value for money. For €249 (list price) you can take home a device capable of facing the working day in a great way, taking excellent photos. The only flaw, perhaps, lies in the front camera to which one could certainly ask for more. Thanks to the coupon on the page and the discount already applied, this ZTE can be yours for only €227, a price that should not be underestimated if you are thinking of changing your smartphone.

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