Does the Xiaomi car look like a Tesla? The company clarifies (and denounces)

xiaomi car pictures

Upgrade 02 / 02: Xiaomi's legal actions are triggered, find all the details at the end of the article.

If once to speak of Xiaomi means talking about leaks on the world of smartphones and various gadgets, now there is a new branch of rumors that also concerns its first electric car. There is a lot of curiosity around this ambitious project, with an automotive industry so far populated only by companies dedicated exclusively to producing vehicles. The only exception is Huawei but only in part: on the contrary, Xiaomi will not only create technologies for other people's cars, but will take care of building its own brand cars from start to finish. But how will this Xiaomi EV car be made?

Xiaomi MS11: New images of the Chinese company's first EV car appear

xiaomi car pictures

This is revealed to us, at least in part, by the new images published by the Chinese media CNMO, in which the frontal of what is called Xiaomi MS11; we don't know if this will actually be the name of the first Xiaomi car, since it was previously codenamed "Modena"and "Le Mans“, since of models there would be two. Name doubts aside, these CAD images recall the Tesla-style lines, particularly models such as the Model 3 and Model Y, with the front end frame closing outward much like the Tesla style, albeit with a larger section for the grille grille.

xiaomi car pictures

It is not the first time that the Xiaomi car has been previewed, even with Lei Jun on board and with photo of sports model, as well as demonstration videos of his autonomous driving system, for a car capable of even park itself.

Xiaomi responds | Update 26/01

After the images appeared on the net, many pointed the finger at the excessive similarity between the front section of the Xiaomi car and that of Tesla vehicles. Evidently the picture was true, because PR chief Wang Hua himself publicly responded, confirming the leak of the design documents. However, he specified that it is a comp which had been sent as evidence to BAIC Molding, maker of the plastic exterior parts fitted by Chinese automakers. Accordingly, the one in the pictures it would not be the final design.

Take the complaint | Update 02/02

Although it is apparently not the final design, Xiaomi has moved to punish the culprit of this leak, namely the aforementioned BAIC subsidiary in charge of making the fairings of Xiaomi's first EV car. The result of leaking this draft (intentionally or not) and violating the confidentiality agreement was a fine of 1.000.000 yuan, equal to approximately €135.000, in addition to the request to strengthen the corporate security apparatus. If that wasn't enough, a few days later the "official" images of the Xiaomi MS11So now the damage is done.

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