WhatsApp: now you can update the Status with a voice message

WhatsApp Status Voice message

Starting today, you have a new way to use and update it State di Whatsapp: have you ever thought of wanting to send a voice message to all your contacts, perhaps to announce something important to them or to remind you of your child's birthday party? Well. With the new WhatsApp update, you will be able to update your state with a voice message and make it available to everyone.

WhatsApp introduces it Voice status

WhatsApp Status Voice message

A new updating di Whatsapp is introducing it Voice status, a new way to update your Status in a much more personal way. If you prefer to express yourself verbally instead of writing, if you want to hear some fragments of the last piece you composed, or for any other reason you want to send a voice message to all your contacts, starting today, you can update your Status of Whatsapp with a voice note.

Voice messages can have a maximum duration of 30 seconds and can then be shared in WhatsApp Status. You can also edit the Privacy Settings status each time you refresh it to choose who can see it (my contacts, my contacts except…, and share only with…).

This is just the latest news launched by WhatsApp. Many more are on the way, including a feature that will allow you to fix certain messages inside individual chats and group. To find out about the other upcoming news, we recommend reading ours dedicated article.

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