4 new features are coming to WhatsApp, but we've already seen one

Whatsapp 4 new features coming February 2023

Whatsapp is going to open the door to several features, starting with one that will allow you to fix messages at the top in individual or group chats. This, however, is not the only news coming to the well-known instant messaging app. Let's discover them all.

4 new features coming to WhatsApp

Whatsapp 4 new features coming February 2023

<strong>The Eurobursar</strong> BetaInfo managed to spot quite a few features in the pipeline on Whatsapp. Let's start with the most important one: the possibility of set certain messages inside individual chats and group. We are talking about a feature that has been active for some time Telegram, which allows you to apply a pine to a certain message so as to put it in the foreground within a chat. The Meta team, therefore, would also be working to introduce this profit feature in WhatsApp and thus allow users to immediately access that particular message.

Other minor implementations concern le group descriptions, which can be much more extensive and Detailed so much on devices Android (until 2.048 characters, against the current 512), and on the devices iOS (with descriptions up to 100 characters). And adding a new one call shortcut, which will allow you to create a shortcut for a certain contact on the main screen of your smartphone. In this way, it will be possible to call that contact on WhatsApp quickly, directly from the main screen of the phone.

Whatsapp 4 new features coming February 2023

Finally, WhatsApp is rolling out the feature for more people to create emails custom avatars which can be used to create and send stickers that you set as a profile picture. All these news will arrive on WhatsApp in the coming weeks/months.

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