Telegram 9.4: translation of chats, new ways to create profile photos and more

Telegram 9.4 update | Changelogs & Downloads

The latest update of the messaging app has introduced some new features for editing the profile photos of other users. With Telegram 9.4, brand new updating freshly launched, new tools arrive to customize your profile photo, together with the chat translation tool and a host of other innovations (including the annual subscription to the Premium version).

Telegram 9.4: all the news of the latest update | Changelogs & Downloads

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With the arrival of the month of February it is also the time for the first update of the year for Telegram, which switches to version 9.4. First we point out the new options profile photo creation: it is now possible to use an emoji or a sticker as an image (either for accounts, groups or channels). These are animated and personalized emojis, available to everyone (both premium and free users).

Telegram 9.4 update | Changelogs & Downloads

Finally comes the translation of entire chats, even of groups and channels, directly in real time. Just click on the appropriate button to bring up the instant translation of the content. You can decide which languages ​​to translate and hide the bar. This feature is intended for premium users; remember that everyone can translate individual messages by selecting them and clicking on "Translate".

Telegram 9.4 update | Changelogs & Downloads

Telegram Premium, the messaging app subscription service (which allows you to access to various advantages), is enriched with a new annual plan. This allows you to save up to 36%: the final price will be (for Android users) €33,99.

Telegram 9.4 update | Changelogs & Downloads

Here are the others changes introduced by Telegram 9.4:

  • stickers and emojis are now categorized;
  • new pie charts detailed for Wi-Fi and cellular data;
  • you can control when media is automatically saved in the gallery based on size, type and chat from. This menu now also supports exceptions, so you can save exactly what you want;
  • detailed permissions for media in groups (administrators can choose whether group members can send media and which ones);
  • bot developers can add special buttons that help users select groups, channels or people who meet predefined criteria;
  • logged out users can quickly log back on by Apple or Google ID, without SMS code;
  • new animated and interactive emojis.

As usual the new update is already available at download for everyone:

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