MagSafe arrives on Samsung Galaxy S23 thanks to the Spigen cover

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Cover Spigen Magsafe

One of the strengths of the new iPhones is the ability to connect chargers and accessories via MagSafe, a magnetic system implemented on the back of the phone that ensures a firm grip at all times. Today, this system can also be had on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra thanks to a new cover by spigen.

Samsung Galaxy S23 with MagSafe? Possible, thanks to Spigen's MagFit

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Cover Spigen Magsafe

Introduced these days, Galaxy s23 ultra is the new flagship smartphone from Samsung, designed for those who don't know the word "compromise". S23Ultra it is an absolutely complete smartphone, but it is possible to improve it even a little by adding a new cover designed by spigen.

The system MagSafe di Apple will arrive on Android smartphones thanks to the recharge Wireless Qi2 in the next few years, but if you're eager to have it on your new Samsung smartphone, starting today thanks to the new cover MagFit di spigen it is possible to take advantage of the compatible accessories also on the new flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Cover Spigen Magsafe

Designed to protect your smartphone from bumps and falls, this new cover features a magnetic ring positioned in the center of the back side, to make compatible Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with all (or almost all) accessories designed for MagSafe technology. Obviously the recharge will not be magnetic, but wireless.

The cover Ultra Hybrid One Tap Ring by Spigen for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is available on Amazon Italy at the price of €26.99 with free shipping for all customers Premium.

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