Discovering Red Magic 8 Pro: the teardown reveals the cooling system

Red magic 8 pro

One of the most interesting smartphones of recent months is definitely Red magic 8 pro, the gaming phone of Nubia which has conquered everyone with its captivating design and top-of-the-range performance for those who also love video games on the go. A youtuber had the chance to disassemble it completely, revealing the magic behind this extraordinary device.

Red Magic 8 Pro completely disassembled: discovering the internal components

Red magic 8 pro

Having had the opportunity to perform one of his famous endurance tests, the well-known YouTuber JerryRigEverything puts again Red magic 8 pro under the magnifying glass with a teardown video that also exposes the smartphone's exceptional cooling system.

After removing the rear glass with heat and a suction cup, the lighting system is revealed with a row of LED RGB. The lower speaker is attached to the plastic skeleton, while a metal channel acts as a heat sink thanks to a fan RPM 2000. The whole structure is designed to prevent dust from entering the device, but water could have an extremely easy life.

The smartphone has a battery dual cell with single connector, but it could be a Chinese variant of the smartphone, given that fast charging is from 85 instead of the standard a 65. The motherboard can be removed by keeping the motherboard still attached camera, a rather interesting choice given that very often it is necessary to detach the optics before being able to access the motherboard.

The video gives a really cool overview of how Nubia has engineered this smartphone to keep temperatures low and ensure maximum device performance without any type of overheating.

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