OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus: this is how much the new subscription costs

Chat GPT Plus

OpenAI has finally announced the arrival of a paid subscription for Chat GPT, which will allow users to obtain a more fluid and less waiting experience. The premium service will be officially launched in the coming weeks, but it is already possible to join a waiting list to be among the first to take advantage of the new Chat GPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus: $20 a month to get priority access to the service

Chat GPT Plus

In recent weeks there had been rumors of a possible Pro version of Chat GPT at a cost of 42 dollars a month, but in these hours with a tweet OpenAI has officially announced the subscription Plus, that with dollars 20 per month will guarantee priority access to the chatbot which will be able to respond faster even during periods of maximum affluence on the servers.

To subscribe, however, you will have to wait a little longer: OpenAI in fact, he stated that the subscription will be ready in the next few weeks, but one is already available waiting list to be among the first to try the new service. Initially, the subscription will only be available in the United States, but the developers have ensured that international availability will not be long in coming.

These days, moreover, OpenAI also launched a new tool to allow the recognition and identification of written texts via Chat GPT, in order to reduce the "incorrect" use that has forced schools around the world to start ban the chatbot.

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