OnePlus 11, good news: there will be years of updates

Oneplus 11

If in the early years OnePlus was appreciated for its support for updates, in recent years things have not gone the right way, but with OnePlus 11 a journey of “redemption” has begun. Of all the smartphone manufacturers in circulation, OnePlus remains the one with the least extensive catalog, thus being able to guarantee a certain number of updates. Since the merger with OPPO began, software management has experienced ups and downs, but a point has finally been reached that should satisfy users who are more attentive to updates.

The OnePlus 11 will be the company's first smartphone to update until 2028

oneplus oxygenos 13

Some of you may remember that last November, at a European event, OnePlus had announced a change of pace, promising 5 years of updates. A change that is now taking shape, because the launch of OnePlus 11 represents in all respects the launch of the first model that will benefit from it, given that the new policy would start from 2023. This means that the new top of the OnePlus range will receive 5 years of security patches and 4 years of Android versions, catching up with Samsung's policy, currently the best brand when it comes to updates.

Born with Android 13, it was so promised that OnePlus 11 is coming to Android 17. In 5 years it will be 2028 and we will find ourselves at the gates of Android 18, but the 4 years of OnePlus 11 will expire at the beginning of the year, so we don't expect OnePlus to go even further. If we consider that currently the top of the range do not receive more than 3 major updates, OnePlus 11 will therefore be the first to have 4 major Android updates. Antennas raised for February 7, the date on which it will not only be presented OnePlus 11 Global, but we will also attend the presentation of 11R/Ace 2, Buds 2 Pro, smart TV Q2 it's the first one OnePlus keyboard.

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