OnePlus 11 Concept will be the surprise of MWC 2023

oneplus 11 concept

Upgrade 07 / 02: after the rumors, the confirmation arrives. Find all the details in the article.

At each edition of the Catalan fair, novelties of various kinds await us, and al MWC 2023 one of the main surprises will be called OnePlus 11 Concept. Three years ago, the Las Vegas fair, CES 2020, was chosen as the stage to show off to journalists and consequently to the general public OnePlus ConceptOne. What was then a concept in "flesh and blood", a smartphone that physically exists but whose innovation we have never seen replicated by anyone again: but what will be the novelty this time around?

One of the protagonists of MWC 2023 will be called OnePlus 11 Concept

What OnePlus Concept One was capable of was to use a special type of glass, that is, an electro-chromic material capable of varying in its opacity when electrically stimulated. This peculiar use of organic particles meant that the glass in front of the camera sensors could vary from opaque to transparent, giving the smartphone a more stealth look. This technology was reiterated the same year with OnePlus 8T Concept, but since then the company has never produced any smartphone (neither real nor conceptual) of such a bill. At the same time, with this feature it actually hit the shelves OPPO Reno 5 Pro +, but we certainly cannot say that it has taken hold on a large scale, quite the contrary.

One therefore wonders what the OnePlus 11 Concept will do to stand out from the crowd. For the moment, OnePlus limits itself to talking about "creative design and cutting-edge technology“, waiting to find out at the MWC: in this regard, I invite you to read this deepening in which I explain what innovations are planned for the mobile landscape in 2023.

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