Microsoft launches Teams Premium with ChatGPT integration

Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft announced Premium Teams, an enhanced version of the well-known management for workgroups. This new Premium version takes advantage of the integration with Chat GPT to enhance the organization of meetings and group work in a simpler and more flexible way.

Smart meetings thanks to the integration of ChatGPT in the new Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams Premium

After the confirmation of the great investment in OpenAI to exploit the capabilities of Chat GPT in their products, Microsoft has started implementing artificial intelligence in some of its flagship services. Over the past few weeks, AI has arrived on board the servers Azure, while today it is integrated into the brand new Premium Teams.

Thanks to the power of Chat GPT, Premium Teams will be able to create gods smart summaries at the end of each meeting. This new feature uses artificial intelligence to suggest activities to cover in meetings, creating recordings with detailed information and automatically generated chapters.

For example, the summary will contain the moment it was mentioned your name, where a screenshot was shared or where you left the meeting early, to help you discover important moments to catch up quickly.

Premium Teams can be activated at the base cost of dollars 10 per month for each user in the workgroup. For example, for a team of 10 people, the cost of a monthly subscription will be $100. For each additional function, however, an extra will be added based on the cost of the service.

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