Microsoft launches new Edge and Bing with built-in ChatGPT


With an event held in the past few hours, Microsoft has presented the new versions of the search engine to the specialized press Bing and web browser Edge, which they will finally integrate too Chat GPT, after the succession of rumors of the past few weeks. You too can try the new features, but you will need to join a waiting list first.

In the future is AI: Microsoft updates Edge and Bing with ChatGPT integration


The revolution that Microsoft waited to try to unseat Google in the domain of search engines it seems to have finally arrived, with the presentation of two key products that will guide the future of the Redmond company. The new Edge web browser and Bing search engine are now powered by GPT 3.5, an enhanced version of the language model of Chat GPT.

This new integration will allow the search engine to Microsoft to give back colloquial results through a bot with which users will be able chat to refine your web search. The new Edge, moreover, it will allow a simplified access to the new bot of Bing, integrating it directly into the browser.

The substantial difference compared to Chat GPT, for the time being, appears to be access to more up-to-date knowledge (probably in real-time, but this hasn't been clarified yet) and citing sources in the various replies. In the tests we have carried out, for example, Bing returned the source for the recipe used in a given preparation.

You too can try the integration of Chat GPT with Bing, but first you'll need to join a waiting list that you can scale more quickly using the ecosystem of Microsoft. To register, all you have to do is connect to Official site and follow the directions.

Microsoft's announcement came following a surprise launch of google bard, the first real rival of Chat GPT developed by the Mountain View company which will soon be integrated into search results.

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