Nut lovers, this Xiaomi YouPin gadget will make your life easier

Xiaomi nutcracker discount code YouPin

When it comes to cheap and tempting gadgets, Lei Jun's company is certainly a leader, also thanks to the slew of products launched through YouPin. After making us greedy with the new electric coaster (convenient and cute), this time it's up to a product “for the kitchen”: the practical one nutcracker di Xiaomi YouPin back again on discount to make your life easier. It is certainly a perfect accessory to always have on hand, especially thanks to its affordable price!

Xiaomi YouPin's nutcracker costs very little: the perfect gadget for nut lovers

Xiaomi nutcracker discount code YouPin

If you are a nut lover and Xiaomi fan, what better companion than yet another creative gadget from the Chinese house's crowdfunding platform? The nutcracker di Xiaomi YouPin it is very easy to use and does not require the slightest effort: just insert a nut inside, close the top and press using the appropriate lever. This way you will avoid shedding shells left and right.

Xiaomi nutcracker discount code YouPin

The accessory weighs 215 grams and is made of ABS, aluminum alloy and stainless steel; coloring Blue (which you see in the photo) is the only one with the closure, so we recommend choosing this one.

Lo nutcracker di Xiaomi YouPin is available for purchase on AliExpress, on a flash offer at a very interesting price.

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Shipping from CHINA 3,8 €

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