MediaWorld Immediate Discount, the crazy promo is back: save up to € 300 on the best of tech!

mediaworld discount now

The store's craziest promotion is back, both online and in physical stores. We are talking about Discount Immediately, the branded initiative MediaWorld which allows you to save up to a maximum of €300 o €400 (depending on the type of initiative) on many Samsung, iPhone, MacBook, Xiaomi products and more. The opportunity arrives today: to be taken on the fly absolutely!

01 / 02 Update: The discount promo starts again immediately, this time with a maximum discount of €300 and Apple products excluded. Find all the details directly in the article.

MediaWorld Immediate Discount, how the promo works: an avalanche of offers and discounts up to € 300

mediaworld discount now

As anticipated at the beginning, the promotion Discount Immediately di MediaWorld she also returned for the month of February 2023 and is available both in-store and online. So these are days of fire, until the February 5, with a myriad of opportunities to save on household appliances, telephones, PCs, cameras, electric mobility, TV and much more! We point out that the discount is visible directly in the cart. Below you will find the price thresholds to be respected in order to obtain maximum savings (in all cases the discount is visible at checkout):

  • 40 € discount for an expense of at least 250 euros;
  • 80 € discount for an expense of at least 500 euros;
  • 200 € discount for an expenditure of at least 1.000 euros;
  • 300 € discount for an expenditure of at least 1.500 euros.

This time there is no €400 discount, but the minimum threshold is lower: it is still a good saving, especially if you are aiming for a particularly expensive product.

mediaworld discount now

Below is the link dedicated to the Discount Now event page, where you will find all the terms and conditions, together with the categories in the promo. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


Lots of discounts on an avalanche of tech products (and more)!

More Less
Up to € 300 discount!

For the sake of accuracy we would like to point out that the promotion it is active on all products available online EXCEPT FOR of all those who participate in the initiatives:

"The best technology for the home with Rowenta","Technology always with you","JUST FOR TODAY","ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND”, all products of the Mediaworld site Reconditioned, all Large Appliances branded products SMEG line FAB, all branded Small Appliances products SMEG; all branded products SAMSUNG furniture channel; all branded products TRUFFLE HONEY; all branded products DYSON; all the CONSOLE; all branded products MGAMER extension; all branded products APPLE; all products Entertainment card; products sold as part of subscriptions (telephone, internet, TV, etc.), pre-sales, reservations, publishing products, scratch cards, policies, wedding lists and the like (birthdays, confirmations, etc.), and all those items that represent digital pins, vouchers, top-ups, boxes, gift cards and all MediaWorld services.

Here are some of the offers dedicated to the MediaWorld Immediate Discount promotion in July

mediaworld discount now

The new promotion Discount Immediately applies to many products in the catalog of MediaWorld: here are some opportunities to save money and remember that these products can be combined together to reach the promo thresholds and obtain the desired discount.

We remind you once again that you can also get the maximum discount merge multiple products in order to reach a cost of 1.500 € and save 300 €!

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