iPhone Ultra: What if its appearance was based on that of the Apple Watch Ultra?

iPhone Ultra design concept Apple Watch

In recent days, all we do is talk about iphone ultra, a new member of the Apple smartphone family that is expected to debut just next year, and which will most likely be the best performing model in the series. The absolutely top of the range, also in price, which should exceed that of iPhone ProMax. There are those who are having fun imagining what the alleged new iPhone could be like, and in doing so they were inspired by the design of another device with which it will share part of the name: apple watch ultra.

Here's how one design imagined the look of iPhone Ultra

iPhone Ultra design concept Apple Watch

What if the iPhone Ultra was, in fact, the first smartphone rugged of Cupertino? just like theapple watch ultra, not only the most powerful Apple-branded smartwatch ever, but also the sturdiest, toughest, most resistant one. Rugged. This is where the idea of designer Jonas Daehnert to create a concept of the much rumored iphone ultra based precisely on the look and feel of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Jonas Daehnert imagines a rugged smartphone with rounded edges and raised buttons. The DNA of Apple Watch Ultra emerges clearly in the orange details of theInternational Orange Action Button and USB port, but also in the sturdy ringer on/off switch and speaker cutouts.

iPhone Ultra design concept Apple Watch

The experiment, for us, was successful. What do you think about it? Leave a comment and let us know. And if you liked our article, share it on social networks: a simple gesture is enough to support us!

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