Instagram is also considering making the verification badge a paid one

Instagram badge verification payment leak

Also Instagram is thinking of putting the verification badge at the mercy of all, and make it available to all those users willing to pay in money to have it on your profile? According to the latest rumors, even the social of the Meta group could follow in the footsteps of Twitter which – spoilers – have raised a lot of criticism and discontent.

Instagram like Twitter, is the paid verification badge a strategy that works?

Instagram badge verification payment leak

According to what reported by the leaker Alexander Paluzzi, Instagram would be working to introduce a paid verification program, a bit like Elon Musk wanted to do with Twitter. In other words, even the Meta group would be thinking of commodifying the verification badge, a fundamental tool at the service of personalities, organizations and companies of a certain importance, and which in this way can be requested by any person willing to pay a fee in order to have it on their profile.

Alessandro Paluzzi has in fact managed to identify a string of the Instagram code that seems to refer to a new feature that will allow you to purchase the verification badge. The string in question is IG_NME_PAID_BLUE_BADGE_IDV, where “IG” stands for Instagram, “PAID BLUE BADGE” stands for paid blue badge (the blue badge is the verification one) and “IDV” could stand for “identity verification”.

Will it be like this? We'll see.

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