New Google Search event announced: ChatGPT's rival is just around the corner


When Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, asked the artificial intelligence development team to speed up work on integration into the most famous search engine in the world, he could not imagine that the times were so short. Google, in fact, has announced a new event dedicated to Search to be held in Paris, an occasion in which the long-awaited rival of will in all probability be revealed Chat GPT.

Google is ready to unveil ChatGPT's rival to the world


Having declared the "red code", Google has pushed hard on the accelerator by preparing a chatbot capable of showing the world the capabilities of the Big G company, overshadowed in recent times by the excessive media power of Chat GPT: the chatbot of OpenAI and in a few months it conquered the web.

Next February 8th at 14 pm, Google will hold a new event dedicated to research and artificial intelligence in Paris. The chances that, on this occasion, the Mountain View company will present the long-awaited rival of ChatGPT are really high, even if it could be a simple demo and not a release to the public.

Indiscretions, in recent days, have highlighted how Google has pushed so hard on the development of a chatbot that could obscure the capabilities showcased by Chat GPT, first with an AI capable of generate music from simple text input, then with internal tests on a bot called Apprentice Bard.

We just have to wait a few more days to find out the moves of Google, while Microsoft seems to be already well advanced with the integration of an enhanced version of ChatGPT within the Bing search engine.

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