Google Bard is reality: here is the first rival of ChatGPT

google bard

Google in these hours has officially announced Bard, an experimental conversational AI powered by technology TheMDA. Just like Chat GPT, this artificial intelligence can answer questions, solve problems and create real conversations with the user.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT: the challenge has officially begun

With a surprise post on the company's official blog, Google introduced artificial intelligence Bard: a chatbot powered by the new technology named Language Model for Dialogue Applications, abbreviated to TheMDA.

This new AI enters these hours in test phase for a small number of collaborators, while the general availability, in which the public will also be able to test the new artificial intelligence developed by the mouse and keyboard Google.

Bard, reads the information published by the company of the big G, “may provide inaccurate answers and information” then user feedback will help Google fine-tune the AI ​​and fix problems. One of the big differences with Chat GPT, it would seem to be knowledge: in fact, this AI could also respond with information in real time or in any case updated within a few days.

If the creature of OpenAI, therefore, is stopped at 2021, google bard could draw from a much more up-to-date database, allowing you to get real-time information on any topic. We just have to wait a few more days before we can finally interact with the artificial intelligence developed by Google.

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