eBay launches a new Coupon: valid for the whole year and save up to €300

eBay Coupon PIT10PERTE2023

The month of January brought with it a discount code to save on home products and now the first days of February see a new protagonist. The Coupon eBay of the moment is valid for the whole year, can be used several times per user and allows you to save up to a maximum of €300: here's how it works and how you find the best deals!

New PIT10PERTE2023 eBay Coupon: how to save up to €300 over the course of the year

eBay Coupon PIT10PERTE2023

The functioning of the new Coupon eBay it is very simple and follows what we have seen previously. The discount code is valid on a selection of products that is constantly updated: using the voucher you get one 10% Off until a maximum of 50 €. The coupon – PIT10PERTE2023 - It can be used up to 6 times for each user; this means that by taking full advantage of it, it is possible to accumulate a discount of €300, divided into six orders.

There's no need to rush to get maximum savings: the promotion will last until 23 pm on 59 December 31. In short, you will have the whole year to use the new eBay coupon.

eBay Coupon PIT10PERTE2023

To redeem the coupon, simply add it to your cart one or more products of suitable categories; before making the payment, you must enter the code in the dedicated field to immediately obtain the discount.

Want to discover the current products available with the promo? Then take a look at event page: and don't forget that it is possible to place several suitable items in the same order to obtain the maximum discount of €50. In this way, with six uses you will have saved the beauty of € 300 during 2023.

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  • Max 6 uses per user (therefore €300 discount in total)
  • Maximum discount 50€ (for each use)
  • Ends December 31st!
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