Dreame H12 Pro vs M12 comparison: how to choose the perfect floor cleaner

It's been a while since Dreame also launched its new product lineup on the Italian market. And, as we well know, a brand that by now we have come to know also thanks to the value for money of its devices, not only produces excellent robot vacuum cleaners, but for some time it has distinguished itself in the cauldron of proposals now available on the market also for its floor cleaners.

Well, with the Dream H12 Pro (here the review) And the Dreame M12 (here the review) the brand has attempted to solve some of the biggest limitations of this particular sector of the market, introducing two models with unique characteristics precisely in response to the needs that users have highlighted over the years.

But how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs? Let's see together what are the most important differences between these two models.

Dreame H12 Pro vs M12 comparison: how to choose the best floor cleaner for your needs


From a purely design point, the differences between the Dream H12 Pro and Dreame M12 they are not many and mostly depend on the very nature of the second model which, unlike the first, is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner washer dryer. The color is the same and the display positioned on the upper part of the devices is also practically identical, the size of the two washer-dryers changes slightly: the whole structure of the Dreame M12 it is slightly larger and in the upper part of the front area the 2-in-1 integrates a handle that will be useful when you want to use the scrubber dryer as a dry vacuum cleaner to suck up crumbs, clean sofas and so on.

And yes, because the fundamental difference between the is that the "Pro" model is a traditional type scrubber cleaner, while the latter can be used to vacuum and wash floors with water but the vacuum motor area can be disconnected from the structure and, thanks to an additional container that comes out of the package, it will transform into a cyclonic vacuum cleaner with good power which with two different nozzles can be used to suck up crumbs, clean sofas, cars, etc.

Therefore, the weight also changes, albeit minimally: Dream H12 Pro weighs about 4 kg, while Dreame M12 it weighs about 5 kg. But don't worry about handling, thanks to the excellent motorized brush present on both models, using the two washer-dryers is really very simple and can be done with one hand without any effort.

The capacity of the clean water and dirty water containers is excellent: the first is 920 milliliters on the M12 and 900 milliliters on the H12 Pro, while the second is 700 milliliters on both. Which means that even when you use them in large rooms you will no longer have the typical "charging and emptying" problems that we have found in practically all the other devices in the category.

The motorized brushes are practically identical, and also in this feature Dreame has solved another problem relating to these products: on the right side it has a minimum thickness and allows good cleaning along the edges of the skirting boards.

Suction and washing

In the quality of vacuuming and washing, Dream H12 Pro and Dreame M12 they are very similar and, let me tell you, we are at the top of the category. Using them is very simple: just fill the container with clean water, which can also be enriched with the scented detergent included in the package, hold them and press the start button.

There are two suction modes, the automatic one and the suction one, but in my opinion, it is always advisable to use it in the automatic mode, with which the device will manage the suction power (and the amount of water used) in a completely autonomous way. based on the dirt detected on the floor thanks to the iLoop sensor.

On both however, just as I explained in the two product reviews, it is important to remember that the suction mode is not to be confused with dry cleaning: it is a function that will be activated if liquids accidentally fall on the floor which will be very simple vacuum in seconds, without using the clean water in the tank.

The performance of the motorized brush is excellent, as is its improved ability to clean edges, which allows the device to vacuum without problems even near baseboards and furniture. In short, in terms of vacuuming and washing the floor, both models bring with them all the quality and power to which the brand has accustomed us over the years.

Dreame H12 Pro vs M12 comparison vacuum cleaner floor washer water scrubber 2 in 1 best power top suction features price discount coupon amazon italy

However, two fundamental aspects change, which make the two models unique: the Dreame M12, as already mentioned, can be transformed into a portable vacuum cleaner with excellent suction characteristics, while the Dream H12 Pro integrates a more advanced self-cleaning mode than the 2-in-1 model. But let's go in order.

Both washer-dryers, once they have finished using them, can be placed on the charging base and, by pressing a button located in the upper part of the handle, they can be self-cleaned. Dream H12 Pro however, it is equipped with a new, much more advanced self-cleaning system: when this function is activated, an automatic cycle will begin in which the electrolysis of the water will first be activated, then the suction pipes will be cleaned, then the roller will be rinsed which will subsequently be dried first with a centrifuge and then with a flow of hot air at 55°.

Battery life

Both models integrate the same battery which, as you can imagine, guarantees practically identical autonomy. We are talking about a battery pack with 6 4000 mAh modules capable of making both devices exceed 35 minutes of autonomy in automatic mode. Of course, this is a highly variable factor based on the amount of dirt on the floor, but in general the performances are decidedly good.

However, as you can imagine, given the large capacity of the batteries, recharging is quite long: from 0 to 100 it could take from 4 to 5 hours, while in "portable" mode, Dreame M12 it is able to guarantee over 60 minutes of autonomy.

Price and considerations

The official selling price of the Dreame M12 is 529,00 euros on Amazon but, through the box below, you could buy it at a discount for 499 euros, Dream H12 Pro instead it costs 549,00 euros again on Amazon. Well, which one to choose? Actually the decision is much simpler than expected.

We are talking about two top-of-the-range floor cleaner vacuum cleaners and in reality to understand which one is best for your needs, it will be enough to evaluate, in addition to the price factor, two characteristics: if you also need to have a vacuum cleaner available, the choice should go on the M12, bearing in mind however that it does not have the advanced self-cleaning system that we find on the H12 Pro. With electrolysis and hot air drying, Dream H12 Pro it will require less maintenance and will practically eliminate the risk of bad smells forming in the main brush.

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