The Xiaomi YouPin coaster keeps your cup warm and is super cute

Xiaomi YouPin electric cup warmer coaster

Tired of drinks that get cold in a flash due to the cold of winter? Then this new gadget from Xiaomi YouPin it is perfect, given the period: it is a practical one coaster electric, a very cute warms cup that keeps your drinks warm, with a touch of tenderness. Plus it costs poco: a detail that is always welcome when it comes to the accessories of the Chinese company!

Xiaomi YouPin: The new electric coaster heats your cup and costs poco

Xiaomi YouPin electric cup warmer coaster

We remind you that it is a gadget from the brand's crowdfunding platform: there is no Xiaomi brand, but it is produced by a quality partner company. Xiaomi YouPin's electric coaster is a breadboard with LED integrated and three heating levels: the cup warmer keeps your drink warm, evenly and at a constant temperature.

Do you like pampering yourself with an herbal tea before bed? The device also serves as light night: or rather, there is a tender kitten that acts as a night light (very cute).

Xiaomi YouPin electric cup warmer coaster

The electric cup warmer coaster from Xiaomi YouPin is available on AliExpress at a price around €22 (on a flash offer): free shipping is present!

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