Spatial audio arrives on Netflix: more immersive viewing, but not for everyone


With a communication to all subscribers, Netflix announced the arrival of spatial audio on the streaming service exclusively for the subscription tier Premium. Starting today, therefore, the viewing experience will resemble that of the cinema even more with even more enveloping sounds.

Spatial Audio is available today to all Netflix Premium members


L'spatial audio is a type of audio technology that makes it possible to create an immersive audio experience, where sounds are perceived as coming from a precise location in space. In this way it is possible to immerse yourself completely in the film or TV series we are watching.

Subscribers Netflix Premium can immediately take advantage of this new feature with the most popular titles on the online streaming service. For instance, you can leverage spatial audio with the worldwide phenomenon Wednesday, or with the unforgettable first film by Harry Potter.

But this is not the only novelty: in fact the subscribers Premium starting today they will be able to download movies and TV series on up to 6 devices, instead of 4. This allows you to consume less data on the move, by pre-downloading the TV series and movies that we want to see when we're connected to Wi-Fi.

The subscription Premium also ensures viewing in 4K HDR, with the ability to stream content to 4 devices several at the same time. However, these days, Netflix has released the first information on the possible account sharing block, which is expected to start from the end of March 2023.

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