Xiaomi MS11: first "official" images of the EV car

xiaomi ms11 electric car

You remember these pictures area of Xiaomi MS11, that is the first electric car which is about to be launched on the market by Lei Jun's company? So far the vehicle had been sighted in probably unofficial forms, perhaps real vehicles dummy put into circulation more to test its technologies than to show off its livery. The images leaked in recent weeks had been branded by the Xiaomi spokesman as "not definitive“, but these press images leaked on the net would seem to confirm precisely that aesthetic direction.

These would be the first official images of the Xiaomi MS11 electric car

Circulated on the Chinese social network Weibo, these images would portray the Xiaomi MS11, whose name would be confirmed by the same abbreviation shown on the front plate. If so, we would be faced with one 4-door sedan with sinuous lines, with the classic minimal white color that has always distinguished the Xiaomi ecosystem. The rear shot allows us to appreciate its breadth panoramic glass roof, as well as the detail of the Xiaomi logo on the wheel with alloy rim and Wilwood brakes. Also on the upper part you can also see the section dedicated to hosting the LiDAR sensor for autonomous driving. As the videos prove, the Xiaomi car is capable of drive itself and even park independently.

xiaomi ms11 electric car

The more observant and experts in the field could find similarities with other vehicles already on the market, in particular with the BYD Seal; it would not be excluded that the two companies may have collaborated as they already have happened in the past, considering that it was rumored that the Chinese giant could help Xiaomi enter the automotive sector. Among the images we also see a detail of the front light, also in this case very similar to that of the McLaren 720S.

Aesthetically it does not seem there will be a miracle in terms of innovation, but let's talk about Xiaomi, therefore the curiosity is directed above all to the technological and infotainment sector, waiting for other images that reveal the interiors. Without forgetting that there will be two Xiaomi EV car models, this one and a sportier one.

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