Xiaomi Mijia smart pillow monitors sleep and helps you sleep better

Xiaomi smart pillow discount code

After launch at home, Xiaomi Mijia smart pillow is starting to peep out for us too thanks to AliExpress: it is a convenient and useful solution, which offers complete sleep monitoring. Perfect for the most curious and health-conscious (even at rest) and for those who want tech advice to sleep better.

Xiaomi Mijia: the brand's smart pillow debuts on AliExpress

Xiaomi smart pillow discount code

But what exactly does a smart pillow do? First of all, it is a product made with an orthopedic design, designed to obtain correct posture during night rest. The body has a shape with a double upper curvature, one more and one less accentuated (from 12 cm e 10 cm), and is made of antibacterial and breathable material.

What makes Xiaomi's new pillow smart is the piezoelectric sensor integrated inside it. This module accurately monitors the beat cardiac, breathing, snoring, the movements of the body in order to offer a complete overview of the user's sleep.

Xiaomi smart pillow discount code

All parameters are recorded and sent to theXiaomi app: a simple smartphone is enough to view the results and the score of the night's rest. There will be tips and tricks to sleep better, based on recorded values. The device is also equipped with a controller for manual activation and is powered by four AAA batteries (for an autonomy of 60 days).

Xiaomi smart pillow discount code

The first smart pillow weblog Xiaomi Mijia it is also available for purchase for us Westerners thanks to AliExpress, with a very first discount.

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Shipping from CHINA 28 €

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