Unieuro responds to MediaWorld with Winter Days: up to €250 extra discount on Samsung, OPPO and more

Unieuro Winter Days

While we are still enjoying the promotion opportunities Xiaomi Week di Unieuro, we point out another initiative of the online store: i Winter Days they save you money up to € 205 on many products, using three new coupons. The Samsung devices on offer are truly an avalanche, to which OPPO, Motorola, ASUS products and more are added!

Unieuro Winter Days: save using coupons EXTRA50, EXTRA100 and EXTRA250

Unieuro Winter Days

- Unieuro Winter Days they seem designed to challenge MediaWorld's Samsung Week: the red store presented three savings thresholds for Samsung products, with a discount of up to €250. In the case of the Unieuro promotion we have three coupons and each one entitles you to a specific discount.

  • Coupon EXTRA50 – €50 discount
  • Coupon EXTRA100 – €100 discount
  • Coupon EXTRA250 – €250 discount

Discount codes work on products compatible with the Winter Days promotion and can also be used on devices already on offer. Just visit the initiative page and click on the product you are interested in: a stamp indicates which coupon to use to save money. The promo will be available until 29 January 2023.

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Until January 29th: many offers with EXTRA50, EXTRA100 and EXTRA250 Coupons!

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Up to € 250 discount!

Below you will find a short selection of terminals with an attractive price, with the final price already discounted based on the code to be used.

Offers Unieuro Coupon 50€ | EXTRA50

Use the discount code EXTRA50 to save €50 on the product you are interested in.

Offers Unieuro Coupon 100€ | EXTRA100

Use the discount code EXTRA100 to save €100 on the product you are interested in.

Offers Unieuro Coupon 250€ | EXTRA250

Use the discount code EXTRA250 to save €250 on the product you are interested in.

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