How to find out why TikTok suggests a video in For You

TikTok video suggestions for you how it works

Have you ever wondered why a certain video appears in the section For you di TikTok? That is, why does the Social algorithm recommend certain contents instead of others? Let's try to find an answer to this question together.

Why TikTok suggests a certain video in For you? Here's how to find out

TikTok video suggestions for you how it works

Basic, TikTok ranking i video based on a greater or lesser affinity with the demonstrated interests by a given user with its in-app activities. To do this, the algorithm of TikTok combines a number of factors and also takes into account those times we have indicated that we are not interested in a certain type of content.

Specifically, the app suggests a particular video based on the interactions, and therefore the content that you usually watch, share or to which you leave a "like". But also based on Comments that you publish and yours research, to followed accounts or suggested, ai recently posted content in the region reference, as well as the contents here Popular.

However, if you want to know why TikTok shows you and suggests content to watch, you can take advantage of a new feature recently launched by the Social. To find out why a certain video has been suggested to you on the "For you“, click on the share arrow icon and then touch the question mark icon with the wording “Why this video”. At this point you will be able to read the reasons why a certain video was suggested to you.

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