The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners | Ranking January 2023

best robot vacuum cleaners

Here is our ranking of best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners. Below you will find the most convenient models in terms of quality / price ratio. We remind you that, since these are products subject to offers, prices and availability vary over time.

Last update: January 2023

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The best robot vacuum cleaners

Dream D9

dreame d9 coupon amazon robot vacuum cleaner

Dream D9 is the robot vacuum cleaner for those aiming for a complete product, but with an extra eye for the price. The robot offers a suction power of 3.000 PA, up to 150 minutes of autonomy (5.200 mAh battery) and a floor washing function. Unmissable controls via Alexa!


Why buy Dreame D9? Obviously because it is a Dreame product: quality and power at a super price!


Yeedi Vac Max

Yeedi Vac Max

The robot Yeedi Vac Max it is one of the brand's most popular cleaning solutions (as you will see from the review below, we liked it too) for its efficient performance at an affordable price. The robot offers a suction power of 3000 PA and autonomy up to 200 minutes; controls via app and voice commands make the cleaning experience even smarter!


Why Buy Yeedi Vac Max? It is a robot vacuum cleaner with advanced functions, good suction power sold at a very low price!

Proscenic 850T

Proscenic 850T is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with iPNAS 2.0 navigation and a suction power of 3.000 Pa. Thanks to the battery from 2.600 mAh and the ability to sweep and mop simultaneously, cleaning an entire medium-sized apartment is a breeze.


Why buy Proscenic 850T? If you are looking for a product that is not too expensive but equally performing, this is the robot for you!


Ecovacs T10 Plus

Review Ecovacs Deebot T10 + Plus best robot vacuum cleaner scrubbing power auto cleaning automatic emptying bags discount price coupon italy amazon

Ecovacs T10 Plus is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner that can effectively clean the floor at home. The device offers a suction power of 3000 PA and is equipped with a floor washing function and station with automatic emptying. An extra hand at home, also thanks to TrueMapping 2.0 laser navigation technology, with support for voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant.


Why buy Ecovacs T10 Plus? A brand that is synonymous with quality, for effective home cleaning!


Vactidy Nimble T6


We conclude our overview with Vactidy Nimble T6, an economic model for beginners with this type of device. The robot is equipped with a navigation system capable of detecting carpets and obstacles, 2000 PA of suction power and a battery that offers an autonomy of 100 minutes per 100 square meters.

Why buy Vactidy Nimble T6? If you are new to robot vacuum cleaners, this device is perfect as an entry-level one!


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