Smarock S10 Dual Barrel review: dust mites have no escape

Smarock S10 Double Barrel

The classic vacuum cleaners are mainly intended for cleaning floors, although some of them can also be used for cleaning more complex objects such as carpets, sofas and beds. Smarock S10 Double Barrelinstead, it completely puts aside traditional cleaning to focus on the total removal of dust mites from the surfaces most at risk. Discover with us all the peculiarities of this vacuum cleaner!

Smarock S10 Double Barrel Review

Design and ergonomics

Smarock S10 Double Barrel

Smarock S10 Double Barrel offers a design “pistol” with the handle pointing downwards from above. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a double tank and a vacuum terminal with rotating brush which favors the capture of dust. The double tank allows before filter and divide the air cleaned of dust, which is then stored in the second communicating tank.

The device does not have an integrated battery but only works by connecting it to the current via wire. This makes its use a little more limited, but the power cord it is still long enough to allow us freedom of movement. The biggest problem, probably, is the heaviness of the vacuum cleaner. After about ten minutes, the wrist it will turn out quite a lot fatigued from the movements made with Smarock S10, necessarily requiring a small break.

Operation and cleaning

Smarock S10 Double Barrel

- dust mites they are small arachnid animals that vivonot in carpets, curtains, mattresses and other places where there is dust. They feed on dead skins and other organic particles and can cause allergies in humans. Smarock S10 Double Barrel takes care of eliminating this briar threat with a triple cleaning system: aspiration a 13.000 PA, sterilization UV and to ultrasound and heating and humidification.

Once powered up, the device will be ready to eliminate all traces of dust that lurks on the surfaces. In our tests, we tried cleaning with Smarock S10 sofas and beds whose cleaning was entrusted to more traditional methods. To our surprise, we had to ascertain that the dirt and dust removed with this vacuum cleaner was really a lot. However, it was not normal dust simply deposited on the surface, but dirt that had nestled (despite traditional cleaning) inside the fabric fibers.

Smarock S10

Smarock S10 Double Barrel is equipped with a brush da 23 cm double container for dust and dirt which is filtered on the one hand and stored on the other. On the bottom of the vacuum cleaner we find the sensor responsible for sterilization with UV light (253.7nm) and ad ultrasound, while the back side gives off a warmth up to 55° to more effectively eliminate dust mites.

La device cleaning, once the tanks have been filled, it is very simple: just press the button set up to eject the tank block to pull out the filters and wash comfortably i pieces individually. The brush can also be disassembled using the plastic screw on the bottom, for one maintenance which will guarantee a longer life to the vacuum cleaner.

Smarock S10 Double Barrel Review – Price and considerations

Smarock S10

Proof of this Smarock S10 highlighted a hard truth: the dirt that we believe we clean with traditional methods is often not touched in the slightest, nestling even deeper. This vacuum cleaner, despite not being the most ergonomic on the market, offers a truly exceptional level of cleaning when used on soft surfaces such as sofas, beds and mattresses. The list price is 122€, but thanks to the discount code you find below you can take it home for only €89.9. At this price it really is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Design and ergonomics
Operation and cleaning
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smarock-s10-double-barrel-review The classic vacuum cleaners are mainly intended for cleaning floors, although some of them can also be used for cleaning more complex objects such as carpets, sofas and beds. Smarock S10 Double Barrel, on the other hand, completely puts aside traditional cleaning to concentrate...