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Red Magic 8 Pro Official Wallpapers Download

Before the end of 2022 Nubia presented its new gaming smartphone, the first device in the category powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. It is not only a powerful and aggressive terminal, but also a stylish model characterized by a unique design. If you want to bring some Red magic 8 pro on board your current smartphone, then here you are served with backgrounds official, ringtones and startup/shutdown animation, ready for the download!

How to download the official Red Magic 8 Pro wallpapers | Download Wallpapers, ringtones & boot animations

Where to buy Red Magic 8 Pro and 8 Pro Plus

As it is easy to guess, the new Red Magic is a beast designed for gaming: 6.8 ″ AMOLED screen at 120 Hz, Qualcomm's latest flagship SoC, lots of RAM and up to 1 TB of storage, a super battery 6.000 mAh with 80W charging and a 50 MP camera. In short, nothing is missing! If you want to "transform" your smartphone into Red magic 8 pro, you can do this by downloading the backgrounds official, along with ringtones and more.

Red Magic 8 Pro Official Wallpapers Download

As for the wallpaper, there are 7 wallpapers dedicated to the lock screen plus 30 other images. These are abstract backgrounds, with geometric shapes and lines, but also sci-fi glimpses with planets, astronauts and robotic creatures, landscapes and some backgrounds that the works of Hampus Olsson for OnePlus.

Red Magic 8 Pro Official Wallpapers Download

We also have a package with the ringtones of the gaming flagship; in addition to these there is the terminal startup animation (but to use it you will need to have unlocked root permissions). Both the official wallpapers and the Red Magic 8 Pro ringtones can be downloaded and used from any phone (they are OGG images and audio files), so if you are interested here are the download links.



Do you want to know all the secrets of Red Magic 8 Pro and the Pro+ model? So here's ours deepening with all the details on specifications and price. Alternatively, for those who want to dare, here it is where to buy the new top of the range for gamers!

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