Quersus Icos Edition One review: the personalized gaming chair

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

The world of gaming chairs is always in constant evolution, with proposals that every day try to increase the comfort of our seat while offering large margins for customization and design. This is the case with Quersus Icos Edition One, the personalized and extremely simple to assemble gaming chair that we present to you today.

Quersus Icos Edition One review

Unboxing and editing

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

As mentioned above, the mounting of this chair is extremely simple, thanks also to the very clear instructions printed on a rigid cardboard. The chair is perfectly packaged, protecting all the components included in the enormous package in which it will arrive directly to your home. Assembly required only 20 minutes, time in which a single person was able to perfectly assemble the chair by following all the steps indicated.

The experience of unboxing and editing, so it seems to be really incomparable. In our experience we have really dealt with many gaming and office chairs, but this one really beats them all in terms of ease of assembly and attention to detail in packaging.

Design and materials

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

Under the sign Quersus Icos Edition One customized with the logo and writing GizChina.it, is covered in UHL hybrid eco-leather with NFS eco-suede inserts and made with a metal structure with rigid plastic inserts. The faux suede part is simply fantastic to the touch, while the UHL hybrid faux leather upholstery (which makes up the main part of the backrest and seat) is soft and comfortable.

The logo Quersus it is present on the headrest and on the back of the backrest, while on the front we find the Icos Edition One branding in faux suede. The armrests are made of metal and hard plastic, comfortable to the touch but maybe poco indicated for the summer period in which one is more subject to perspiration. The finishes, however, are all of excellent workmanship.

Seat and comfort

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

Quersus Icos Edition One it is a chair with a particular seat, perhaps a little too rigid, but it is still a very subjective question. During the test, in fact, we allowed more people to test the seat and opinions have always been different: many have considered it extremely comfortable, while others (just like me) have considered it perhaps a little too rigid. The materials and size, however, can easily accommodate people of any size and height.

The backrest of this gaming chair reclines up to 140°, while the headrest it is easily adjustable, perhaps too much. One of the critical issues found, in fact, concerns the headrest which lacks a real one end-of-stroke. In fact, by applying the necessary force to adjust it, you risk detaching it completely: we therefore advise you to pay particular attention, even if once it has been adjusted (in theory) it may not even be touched again.

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

I armrests are adjustable in different height: e lunghezza: one of the peculiarities of the chair in fact lies precisely in the armrests which can move not only on the vertical axis but also on the horizontal one, allowing a rather unique customization of the seat. If you like to be more comfortable and more relaxed, you can extend the armrests forward, while for a more rigid posture you can retract them backwards.

Quersus Icos Edition Oneobviously, it is also adjustable in height thanks to the knob placed under the seat which, thanks to the classic mechanism, allows you to choose the preferred height.

Quesrus Icos Edition one review – Final considerations and price

Quersus Icos Edition One gaming chair

The chair Quersus Icos Edition One it clearly occupies a premium price range, which perhaps could also be asked for an integrated footrest. However, the materials used for the construction are of excellent quality, as is the customization. Quersus Icos Edition One is available on the official website at a price of €699, but these days you can find it on sale at €579. Personalization has an additional cost €29 to which it is difficult to say no given the already high figure. If you are looking for a premium gaming chair that can also be personalized with your nickname or website name, this product is absolutely advised.

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