Nothing reacts to the Phone (2), Watch (1) concepts and more

nothing phone (2) watch (1) book (1)

How often do we come across concept more or less risky than what could be future technological products? Practically always, these artistic processes remain a topic among enthusiasts, but it is not the case for Nothing. Since its foundation, the company has stood out for its marked taste in design, creating devices that are very different from the usual such as Ear (1), Stick (1) and above all Phone (1). All gadgets that have inspired the creativity of the designers, who have done their utmost to publish concept of various kinds, to which the company itself reacted in its latest video.

Nothing has its say on the concepts that are circulating on the net about its future products

no head (1)

Let's start with Nothinghead (1), the concept of what could be the first over-ear headphones of Carl Pei's brand. The designers liked the reuse of the idea behind the interface Glyph, used here to find out if the headphones are connected or not and above all to let others understand if the person wearing them is listening to music, without running the risk of disturbing them while listening. We also find the other prominent element of Nothing, the transparent body, which here also shows us the coils for wireless charging of the headphones. Given the debut on the market with the Ear (1) and the partnership with the musical instrument manufacturer Teenage Engineering, it is not at all implausible that the future of Nothing holds something new like this in store for us.

Let's go then Nothing Watch (1), a product that many expect to make up an increasingly nourished and complete ecosystem. In addition to appreciating the high quality of the concept, the designers underlined the desire to show what is hidden inside a body thanks to the use of transparent materials; moreover, the presence of the side keys makes them even hypothesize the use of a Pebble-style touch screen UI. At the same time, the impossibility of removing and changing the bracelet is not appreciated, which we should therefore find on a possible Nothing smartwatch.

no phone (1)

Then there is Nothing Book (1), a certainly ambitious element for the ecosystem of a startup given the strong competition on the market. The concept aims again at the use of highly transparent materials, and the presence of the coil is interesting wireless charging placed to the side of the trackpad, whose magnetic attachment allows you to easily recharge the Ears (1), although this can be a problem for left-handed people.

no phone (2)

Then there is NothingPhone (2), which of all is the only product whose launch was confirmed a few hours ago, also giving some first details on specifications and launch date. The concept that appeared on the net takes up the lines of Phone (1) with some modifications, with a new photographic module with three sensors positioned like a triangle and above all a system of LED lights this time RGB for the Glyph system. However intriguing, the choice of using the red color for the LEDs does not convince the designers, as this color is usually used to indicate danger, not exactly the most pleasant message to convey with a smartphone.

The video continues with other product categories in the form of concepts, including an audio speaker and wireless charging bases, but I don't want to spoil everything for you. If you were curious, you can see them in the Nothing YouTube video:

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