Nothing Phone (1): How to manually install Nothing OS updates

nothing phone (1) nothing os

You are among the owners of Nothing Phone (1) and you want to find out how install manually the last one updating area of Nothing OS? Then you have come to the correct place. With the launch of its first smartphone, Carl Pei's company has decided to create Nothing OS, a proprietary interface that goes well with his philosophy. This means a rather minimal and light UI, which does not aim to enrich the experience of many functions but rather to the fluidity of the software. For its first phone, Nothing has promised it will offer 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of bimonthly updates for security patches.

Last updated: January 2023

Nothing Phone (1): all available updates of the Nothing OS

If you have a Nothing Phone (1) in your hands and want to manually install the latest Nothing OS update available in Europe, you can first download it from the following table. This is because, as these are gradual updates, it could happen that they are released but it takes days before they arrive on all units in circulation.

VersionAndroid versionFull updateIncremental update
Nothing OS 1.5.1 (Open Beta 2 Hotfix)13-Download (from Open Beta 2)
Nothing OS 1.5.1 (Open Beta 2)13-Download (from Open Beta 1)
Nothing OS 1.5.0 (Open Beta 1)13-Download (from 1.1.7 Hotfix)
NothingOS 1.1.7 Hotfixes12-Download (from 1.1.7)
NothingOS 1.1.712DownloadDownload (from 1.1.6)
NothingOS 1.1.612DownloadDownload (from 1.1.4)
NothingOS 1.1.512-Download (from 1.1.4 Global Hotfix)
NothingOS 1.1.4 Hotfixes12Download (from 1.1.3)
NothingOS 1.1.412-Download (from 1.1.3)
NothingOS 1.1.312DownloadDownload (from 1.1.0)
NothingOS 1.1.212DownloadDownload (from 1.1.0)
NothingOS 1.1.012DownloadDownload (from 1.0.2)
NothingOS 1.0.212Download-

How to install an update on Nothing Phone (1)

Due to its stock Android nature, manual installation of Nothing OS software updates on Nothing Phone (1) is possible. This type of installation does not require formatting the smartphone, but we still recommend making a backup of any data that you do not want to be lost.

  • Download ADB on your PC
    • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a folder (it should be called "platform-tools")
  • Start the smartphone in Fastboot mode and connect it to PC via USB cable
  • Go to the folder "platform-tools"And, holding down the Shift key, right click and select"Open Powershell window here"
  • In the PowerShell window enter the commandfastboot devices> to verify that the smartphone is correctly revealed; an alphanumeric string like this should appear:
xiaomi modding bootloader twrp root
  • Type the commandadb reboot recovery> to start the smartphone in Recovery mode
  • The message "No command“: Holding down the Power button, press the Volume + button and immediately release the two buttons
  • In Recovery mode, moving with the Volume keys, select the item "Apply Update from ADB"
  • In the PowerShell window enter the commandadb devices> to show the smartphone serial number followed by the word "sideload”And thus be in Sideload mode
  • Enter the commandadb sideload “filename” .zip>, where instead of "filename”Type the name of the ZIP file of the update you downloaded

At this point the installation of the update will start on your Nothing Phone (1); once completed, select the item "Reboot system now”To restart it.

There is also another alternative method for manually installing updates on Nothing Phone (1).

nothing phone (1) nothing os manual installation updates
  • Create a folder called "ota”In the root folder of the phone's internal memory
  • Copy the downloaded update ZIP file into it
  • In the phone app, type the number * # * # 682 # * # * to launch the manual update tool
  • The app will look for the presence of OTA files in memory and start installing them
    • If you do not find the file, click on "Browse" and select it manually
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