Meizu 20: the new teaser could anticipate a big news

When Meizu 20 and 20 Pro arrive

Even if at the global level the Meizu brand does not attract much attention compared to the illustrious colleagues Xiaomi and OPPO, in China it is a brand followed by a good number of enthusiasts. Whenever there is talk of a new model, the concepts and leaks mix continuously and the next flagship is no exception. Let's try to clarify things a bit and find out when it arrives Meizu 20 (and its alleged older brother Pro): the Chinese company has unveiled the exit period and not only!

When Meizu 20 and 20 Pro arrive: first details on the release period

When Meizu 20 and 20 Pro arrive

The latest teaser poster dedicated to Meizu 20 celebrates the Chinese New Year and anticipates the release of the top of the range. The launch is expected in the spring, so we will have to wait a couple more months. At this point it is legitimate to assume that the presentation will take place at April or, if the company decides to give itself more time, a May. Wanting to make an extremely positive forecast, we could also aim for the end of March, but obviously the last word belongs to Meizu.

When Meizu 20 and 20 Pro arrive

What is most striking is the new official teaser: the frames of the terminal can be glimpsed and in the upper part we have a blinding light. The punch hole is a feature already present in the top of the Meizu range so all this fuss for a hole seems decidedly excessive.

Whether it's a reference to camera below the screen? This news has been talked about for some time, but pictures from vivo from a few weeks ago are convincing poco. In addition, in the past few hours it has been leaked an alleged sketch showing Meizu 20 with super optimized bezels and a central punch hole.

In short, there are still many doubts yet the latest teaser seems to indicate the possibility of having a Meizu 20 with Under Display Camera. Will it really be like this?

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