Isinwheel S9Pro review: scooter at the TOP in terms of quality/price

By now the market and the city streets of all of Italy have been practically invaded by electric scooters. There are expensive ones, there are cheap ones, with or without shock absorbers and with legal engines or (unfortunately) that do not comply with the regulations in force in Italy. You will understand that when some of our users ask us which is the best cheap electric scooter for the city, giving a simple and concise answer becomes increasingly difficult.

For this reason, for some time now we have begun to consider any discounts or promotions on the various online stores, in order to be able to think of the best scooter as value for money.

But if you need to buy a legal economic electric scooter, which therefore has all the credentials to circulate in Italy and which brings with it a whole series of features that make it among the most interesting for its value for money, then L'isinwheel S9Pro it could be among the best for its price range: it costs 399 euros but, through the links below, you could buy it with a very substantial discount both on Amazon and on the brand's official website.

isinwheel S9Pro review: with this discount it is the cheapest electric scooter to buy

Design and materials

The strengths of theisinwheel S9Pro, as well as the characteristics that make it more suitable for getting around the city, are its design and its weight. Large 106 cm (length) x 109 cm (height) and 106 cm x 48 cm when folded, and weighing only 13.5 kg, it is one of the most manageable and practical electric scooters to take with you in the city but also on vacation.

Given its peculiarities then, isinwheel S9Pro it is an electric scooter that can be ridden by children aged 14 and up, but also by adults, but despite this compact and light frame, it conveys a good feeling of solidity when driving.

Although the handlebar grips are not of the folding type, the general folding mechanism is very solid and simple to use and minimizes the oscillations of the stem while riding. In short, from a structural point of view, those at isinwheel have done an excellent job.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The wheels are also of good size, 8.5 inches, and in line with the market the IP54 certification which guarantees impermeability to light rain both to the aluminum alloy structure and to all its internal components.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

isinwheel S9Pro it is equipped with directional arrows, a high beam headlight, a front reflector, side reflectors and an intelligent rear light which will signal any braking. All characteristics which, together with the power of the engine and the maximum speed, make it a model that is perfectly compliant with current Italian laws.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The grape is excellent, that is the non-slip coating that yes, it is not very easy to clean, but guarantees a good grip and can be replaced without too many problems, and also the supports for the feet at the base of the column and the rear fender which is very robust. .

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The LED display that has been integrated into the central part of the handlebar is also very legible, on which it is possible to check the current speed of the vehicle, the battery status, the remaining charge, the low/high speed mode and the power and headlight modes.

Finally, some good news: despite theisinwheel S9Pro is to all intents and purposes an economic scooter, it is one of the few in its price range to integrate shock absorbers. The shock absorbing system is positioned at the rear and connects the structure to the rear wheel with two springs that do their job, but are perhaps a little too stiff. The fact is, however, that this stiffness tends to improve the stability of the scooter and at the same time it dampens all the shocks and vibrations while driving quite well, even those that you would have if you took a rather important ditch.

Engine and brakes

To animate theisinwheel S9Pro a 300w front brushless motor takes care of it, the maximum speed is limited to 20 Km/h, but given the thrust that comes from the motor I am convinced that it can go even faster without too much effort. So much so that it is a scooter capable of handling slopes of up to 15% and which can support a maximum weight of 120 kg. In short, despite being light and also suitable for children aged 14 and over, thanks to the excellent construction materials, such as pure copper coil with low internal resistance and low heat generation, the motor of theisinwheel S9Pro it is reliable and quite powerful.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The braking system is also of good quality and is assisted by a regenerative braking that makes itself felt, but which is never too invasive. At the front there is electronic, while at the back the brand has well thought of integrating a disc brake, and both brakes can be managed by the single knob positioned on the right side of the handlebar.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The torque distribution is good and although it avoids that, especially at the start, the scooter tends to accelerate to the maximum immediately, it is still able to guarantee a good thrust that definitely makes you feel the power of the engine.


All the management ofisinwheel S9Pro it takes place through a proprietary application called KCQ. It is a rather well made application, with which it is possible, for example, to turn the scooter on or off, but also to activate the cruise control, adjust the speed modes, turn the lights on or off and check the remaining battery charge.

The point is that, given the quality of the application, I would have liked isinwheel to have thought of integrating any smartphone holder, instead of forcing the buyer to purchase it separately.

The road test

Since the first guide, of theisinwheel S9Pro you immediately notice all the pros and cons of choosing to position the engine at the front. When the engine is positioned on the steering wheel, it will be necessary to pay a little more attention to grip on wet surfaces and in regenerative braking it will be necessary to take a little manual dexterity. Once you have overcome these small rocks, however, driving it around town is really a lot of fun.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

There are 2 travel modes: the maximum one will make the scooter reach 20 km/h, while the low one will limit its speed to 10 km/h. There is also the scooter push assistance system, a decidedly convenient function if you were carrying it by hand.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

The management of power delivery based on the remaining battery autonomy is also good. Many electric scooters, as well as some electric bicycles, suffer from a rather annoying problem related to these factors: when the battery is charged, the power delivered by the motor is maximum but, when it is discharged, the motor tends to prove less powerful. Well, in theisinwheel S9Pro this problem is not present at all and, all the time, the power output of the engine seemed uniform and constant to me.

Battery life

The battery integrated inisinwheel S9Pro It's a 7.5Ah that runs on 42v. And it is a respectable capacity that allows the scooter to guarantee an autonomy of about 25-30 km. In my tests, given my weight and the numerous ups and downs of Avellino, I managed to travel about 22 km on a single charge, which is not bad.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

Average recharge times: it could take to go from 0% to 100%. poco more than 5 hours with the European plug charger included in the package.

Selling price and conclusions

The official selling price of theisinwheel S9Pro it is 399,99 euros but, through the boxes below, you could buy it at a discount using a coupon. There are two purchase options: through the official website you can buy it for 319,99 euros, while on Amazon you can buy it for 349,99 euros by activating the coupon directly on the product page.

Review isinwheel s9 pro legal electric scooter arrows discount offer coupon italy

And it's a pretty good price, especially considering that it's an electric scooter powered by a good engine, with large wheels and which integrates shock absorbers and a disc brake: all features that it's not so obvious to find in this range. of price.

Its lightness and compactness make it perfect not only for city travel, but also for those uneven road surfaces such as cobblestones or the streets of Avellino (which are a veritable minefield).

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