Google Play Store: 3 scam apps discovered, they have been downloaded over 20 million times

Google Play Store 3 scam app January 2023

Sul Google Play Store you don't always end up with reliable apps that offer exactly what the Description promises. Often and willingly, in fact, some uses malware manage to pass Google's security checks, while others are real app-scam designed to suck up your every single penny, just like Lucky Step. Researchers from Dr. Web they have identified some Android app whose only goal is to scam you, and Lucky Step is one of them.

These three Android apps are just here to scam you

Google Play Store 3 scam app January 2023

From the month of December to today, not only have malware activities such as adware e spyware, but scam apps on the Google Play Store have also increased. This is what emerged from the latest report published by Dr. Web, a well-known cyber security company. The researchers were able to locate three applications whose sole purpose is to drag the user into an unpleasant scam.

Let's talk about very popular titles such as Lucky Step, Walking Joy e Lucky Habit: Health Tracker, activity tracking applications that together collect over 20 millions of downloads. These apps promise cash prizes upon reaching certain target di fitness, but in most cases those goals are impossible to achieve and also involve watching an infinite amount of commercials. Furthermore, these apps have never verified the payment methods of the users, so the possibility of actually receiving a cash prize is very, very low.

Google Play Store 3 scam app January 2023

A very curious detail is that these three apps connect to the same command server, so they could belong to the same developer. But even more serious, this server is known to be usually used for spreading malware. These apps are still active on the Google Play Store, so avoid installing them on your smartphone to avoid scams. If you already have them, delete them immediately.

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