Google challenges ChatGPT with MusicLM, the AI ​​that generates music from a simple text command

Google MusicLM AI system creates music by text command

Defined by some as the "Chat GPT of music”, the new Artificial Intelligence system developed by Google can give birth to exciting musical productions starting with a simple text command. We are talking about MusicLM, a sophisticated AI system that fascinates and frightens at the same time. Because? Let's find out together in this article.

What is MusicLM and how it works

Google MusicLM AI system creates music by text command

MusicLM is a system of Artificial intelligence which it can produce musical compositions starting with a simple text command. This system can play music a 24 kHz lasting a few minutes, but it needs to work properly and give its best prompt very detailed. In short, within the command it is necessary to specify as many as possible details possible on generally, on instruments, on style… anything that can help Google's AI make the best sound ever.

In this sense, commands like “the main soundtrack of an arcade game, featuring an electric guitar solo” or “a mix of reggaeton and electronic dance music, with a spatial and otherworldly sound” can deliver impressive results, worthy of a recording studio.

Google MusicLM AI system creates music by text command

But it doesn't end there: MusicLM goes way beyond creating incredible backing tracks. In fact, this powerful Artificial Intelligence tool can also transform into musical notes a short narrative description o pictorial. An example? The AI ​​managed to generate a mesmerizing melody inspired by Munch's Scream. AI can also produce scores lasting five minutes with short text suggestions, such as “melodica techno” or “relaxing jazz”. 

All very beautiful and fun, of course. But Google has absolutely no plans to release MusicLM, or at least not in the foreseeable future. The problem? Simple: Mountain View AI may infringe copyright di existing content. In fact, to train its algorithms, the company reportedly used existing and copyrighted music content, and some researchers have also observed that about 1% of the results offered by MusicLM are attributable to pre-existing models. In short, to songs that we might even know.

Google MusicLM AI system creates music by text command

At present, therefore, MusicLM collides with problems of an ethical nature which would inevitably lead to legal regulation. According to the researchers, although the system tends to incorporate material protected by copyright, was designed for assist the artists in composing new music, e not to replace them.

How will everything evolve? Maybe! Meanwhile, however, if you are curious to discover some of the melodies generated by MusicLM, take a look at This Page. Here you will find over five thousand compositions generated by Google's Artificial Intelligence, each accompanied by its own prompt!

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