Fight the cold in your car with the Hcalory heater: on offer with a 25% discount

Hcalory diesel heater

Winter has arrived with arrogance: our streets are increasingly freezing and even in the car we often regret the heat of summer. If you are thinking about a heater Diesel for your auto or for a camper, then here you will find a great opportunity dedicated to the model Hcalories, complete with free shipping!

The Hcalory diesel heater drops in price at Banggood: the aim is to save!

Hcalory diesel heater

Un heater Diesel it is a device that can be used on cars and campers and allows you to "survive" even the coldest temperatures with the engine off. The device uses the vehicle's fuel (or may even have its own tank) to generate air hot: in this way you can heat up the car immediately, without having to wait for the air conditioner times in the car.

It is also a very useful product for those traveling by camper as it allows you to have a environment warmed up without the need for the engine to be on. The Hcalory model on discount at Banggood is a solution from 12 / 24V, with an adjustable power from 5-8 KW and a tank integrated da 5L for fuel; it is also equipped with a practical display LCD and a remote control for remote control.

Hcalory diesel heater

Do you want to be ready for winter? Then we point out that the Hcalory diesel heater HC-A02 is available in offering on the store Banggood. Alternatively, the model is also available at a discount Hcalory HC-A01 with a fixed power of 5W.

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