With Apple's AR/VR viewer, you will be able to create apps in a unique way

apple ar/vr headset

In these hours, new rumors have emerged on the web regarding one of the possible new functions of the viewer AR / VR di Apple. According to the information reported by some authoritative sources, the company of Cupertino would be designing software capable of creating real apps for mixed reality through the use of the voice assistant Crab.

Siri will create the apps for us with Apple's AR / VR viewer

apple ar/vr headset

This new software, as reported by Wayne Ma di The Information, will not be intended only for developers but will also be open to ordinary users who will be able to exploit Crab to design some Whatsapp without the need to write any kind of code. At present, Apple already provides tools for AR creation such as reality composer on iPhone and iPad, but this new tool would be far beyond its capabilities.

"With these software tools, Apple hopes that people who have no programming knowledge can create their own Apps through the use of Crab, then publishing them on theApp Store. This tool, for example, allows users to create virtual pets that move around the room, calculating dimensions, animations and 3D space from scratch” reads the Wayne Ma report.

The source cited by the journalist, however, saw this tool in action way back in 2021: it is therefore possible that the software has evolved further, or has been completely canceled. We just have to wait for the official presentation of reality pro, the first AR/VR headset from Apple.

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