Qi2 is official: Apple's MagSafe wireless charging comes to Android

apple magsafe qi2 wireless charging

One of probably the most popular new features iPhone it's the ring MagSafe placed inside the phone that allows magnetic wireless charging, as well as opening the market to hundreds of new accessories designed for this function. Thanks to the arrival in the new standard Qi2, this technology will also be available on devices Android.

Wireless charging evolves: Apple's MagSafe arrives on other devices with Qi2

apple magsafe qi2 wireless charging

Il Wireless Power Consortium officially announced Qi2, the new version of the standard for wireless charging. Arriving in the course of 2023, the new technology will take care of including a magnetic element inside the devices, as is the case for MagSafe di Apple.

Introduced with iPhone 12, this particular magnetic "ring" positioned inside the new iPhones allows the phone to be recharged in a stable way, making it compatible at the same time with hundreds of accessories developed around this technology.

apple magsafe qi2 wireless charging

ll"Magnetic Power Profile"of Qi2 it's built on top of MagSafe, but Apple and other WPC members have changed its design to fit all other devices. Once the new standard goes into effect, then, many MagSafe accessories could become compatible even with other smartphones.

"Apple has made MagSafe technology available for the construction of the new Qi2 standard” reads the statement shared by the WPC, "Qi2's Magnetic Power Profile will ensure that smartphones and other battery-powered devices are perfectly aligned with the charging mechanism, allowing for fast and efficient charging".

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