Hype for Nothing Phone (2)? The wait won't be short

nothing phone 2

In a bulimic market such as that of smartphones, where every month we see the launch of multiple models, NothingPhone (2) could represent a change of course for the market. Since its inception, Nothing has tried to differentiate itself from the competition, pointing to the rest of the market be boring and daring with products with more refined aesthetics. We have seen it with the ears (1), with the Ear (Stick) but especially with Nothing Phone (1) which, net of construction anomalies, stood out for being a phone out of the ordinary.

Nothing Phone (2) will wait, in favor of support for the first Phone (1)

About six months have passed since the launch of the first Nothing smartphone, and when it comes to mid-range devices companies like Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo (and related sub-brands) have accustomed us to two products a year. One would expect Nothing to do the same and be preparing for the launch of the future Nothing Phone (2), but this is not the case and Carl Pei himself underlines it. With his latest tweet, the patron of Nothing states that the launch of Phone (2) will not happen soonindeed, and the reason is to be found precisely in the current Phone (1).

Nothing's goal is to support as much as possible Telephone (1) and its buyers, by optimizing the smartphone with software updates such as the ad Android 13 which is currently in beta testing. Only after that can we start thinking about what will be the second smartphone from Nothing, a company that Carl Pei promises will not launch dozens of products a year "as others do“. Which is the same philosophy adopted by OnePlus of the golden years, but this is another matter. If we have to wait for a new smartphone, it shouldn't be for the headphones, with the No Ears (2) which appear to be behind the corner.

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