Samsung wants to give up Exynos chips? Check the hypothesis of new processors

Samsung develops new alternative processors exynos

Samsung has really decided to give up the chips Exynos? There is still no clear and unambiguous answer to this question, but it is certain that something is changing. And this something could lead to the development of a new chipset ready to compete with Qualcomm and Mediatek.

Samsung could make new processors for its smartphones

Samsung develops new alternative processors exynos

According to reports from the source, the division Mobile Experience Business di Samsung formed a new AP (Application Processor) solutions development team led by the executive vice president Choi Won-Joon. Most likely, this new development group will be responsible for the design of new processors, as a similar formation already exists (il Samsung System LSI) and deals with the design of the Exynos chips that the MX division then uses on the Galaxy series smartphones.

To tell the truth, which we know very well by now, theMX Business uses a variety of technologies for its smartphones, including Qualcomm, Mediatek e Samsung - precisely. However, the performance of the chips Exynos have often been the subject of very sharp criticism, so much so that for his next family of flagship the Korean manufacturer has opted directly for chipsets Qualcomm, thus renouncing proprietary technologies.

The new development team could therefore work on new solutions for smartphones Samsung, possibly more stable and performing, with which to compete not only with the technologies of other competitor companies but with the same Exynos chips. In this regard, the name of Won-Joon Choi it's a guarantee. For the uninitiated, in fact, the vice-president the head of the project has already worked at Qualcomm, so he could know a lot.

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