Flexispot E7 Review: Solid, Customizable Height-Adjustable Motorized Desk

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

The motorized desks with variable height are all the rage in recent times. In reality, since the first lockdown, people have started to become much more aware of their posture on the computer, not only looking for solutions with which they can also work standing up, but perhaps associating them with treadmills from home, with which they can perhaps walk while on the computer. It is something that I personally have never been able to do but, trust me, there are many people who use such solutions.

Just as there are now just as many models to choose from when you want to buy a desk of this kind, but when Flexispot contacted us to test its Standing Desk Pro E7, a lightbulb lit up in my mind especially for the excellent positive reviews that the brand has collected over the years.

And I wasn't wrong: we're talking about a variable-height desk that makes the solidity and quality of the materials its strong points, is able to support up to 125 kg and is modular, but we'll get to that shortly .

Flexispot Standing Desk Pro E7 review: electric adjustable desk for standing work


Should you choose to purchase the Flexipot E7 equipped with a support surface (because yes, you can also buy just the motorized structure), the product will be delivered in two separate packages. And even if some might think that the heaviest is the one relating to the top, in reality it is the box that contains the whole structure to be assembled that weighs the most: so don't be fooled by the dimensions, especially when you are going to transport the packages to the place in which you are going to assemble it.

All in all, however, the assembly is quite simple, as long as it is carried out with a precise mental scheme, following the instruction manual that comes with it to the letter. Basically, the first thing to do is assemble the horizontal frame, which is of the telescopic type and has a variable length between 110 and 190 cm.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

Once the frame is assembled, the two motorized feet (which are the heaviest components of the whole desk) will be connected which, in addition to the motor, also integrate the electronic controllers into their structure.

Thanks to the possibility of being able to lengthen the structure, it can be fixed on a work surface with dimensions that can vary between 120 and 210 cm in length and between 60 and 80 cm in width. And this is a very convenient thing, above all considering the possibility of enriching the Flexipot E7 with a whole series of accessories or worktops which I will tell you about shortly.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

In any case, once the whole structure has been assembled, it will simply be necessary to fix it to your work surface, and then fix the touch controller with which you can actually adjust the height of the desk and connect all the cables according to the colors on the plugs and on the inputs in the controller.

In short, mount the Flexipot E7 will require poco more than 30 minutes and it's an operation that can actually be completed on your own, but my advice is always to get a hand, especially since once it's assembled you'll need to "rotate" it to position it in the right direction.

Technical features

Before talking about design and materials (because, as we will see, the choice is really wide), it is important to do a quick recap on the technical characteristics of the engines and the structure. There are two motors that regulate the height, and although they are among the quietest that we have been able to test (they emit a noise of less than 50 dB), they are actually able to support a maximum weight of 125 kg and a very low consumption: in standby the absorption is lower than 0.5w.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

Each motor is connected to a telescopic type leg which, in turn, integrates 3 lifting columns fitted into each other, which can be adjusted with a minimum height of 58 cm and a maximum height of 123 cm with an adjustment speed of 38 mm/s.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

Furthermore, the height adjustment mechanism integrates a safety system thanks to which, should a collision or an obstacle be detected during the adjustment phase, the motors would stop instantly. Furthermore, on the touch controller, it is possible to activate an additional safety system, which would block the possibility of adjusting the height: and it is a very convenient thing especially if there are children in the house.

In any case, we are talking about a very solid structure, which makes the Flexipot E7 very stable even under the strongest stresses also thanks to two very wide feet.

Design and materials and use

In terms of design and materials, a necessary premise is important: the Flexipot E7 it is one of the most customizable models that we have tried and no, the one we received on trial is not the only "stylistic" option that will be available during the purchase phase. In reality, when you go to buy the desk through the official website, you can customize it based on many factors.

You can choose between two options relating to the height of the frame and 3 relating to its colour. There are 12 options relating to the type and materials of the worktop, and it is also possible to decide to purchase a curved top instead of the standard rectangular one.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

But that's not all: you can customize it Flexipot E7 also with a cable holder to improve cable management, or decide to install a customized sheet metal, a drawer, a support for one or two monitors, a CPU holder and three different sheaths for organizing cables.

In short, you will understand that the possibilities are many.

Going back to the configuration that we received on trial, it is the one that you can buy on the site by selecting the curved "brown" type support surface. It is 140×70 cm large and at this point allow me to give you some advice: especially if you will often use the desk while standing, the choice of a curved table top is almost obligatory and not only because of the small hollow in the center of one of the sides of the surface, but above all for shaping all the edges.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

In fact, thanks to this shape, you will avoid that after long periods of use the sharp edges of the top can annoy your arms, and working in this position will be much more comfortable.

The height controller is universal for all configurations, it can be mounted either on the right or on the left, and in addition to free adjustment, it allows you to memorize three heights that can be activated with a single touch on the touch surface. In addition, one of the two sides integrates a USB type A port, with which it will be possible to recharge a smartphone or any device that uses this technology.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

What didn't make me crazy about this model, however, is the cable management, and let me explain better: the configuration we received for testing included an aluminum section to be mounted under the double beam structure (the extendable one on which the top rests , to be clear), which yes covers the whole area where the controllers are present, but which still leaves the power cable without any cable management.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

Perhaps it will be asking too much, but in such a desk I would prefer a slightly different solution, in which perhaps it is possible to connect the power cable not to the upper structure, but to one of the two feet, therefore below. In this way, the problem of the "flying" cable would be solved, also because in addition to the aluminum "cap" with which to cover the beam, the Flexipot E7 it does not integrate any cable management system.

If a monitor, a computer, a lamp, speakers and so on are connected to the desk, the cables can be inserted into the holes in the worktop, but they would remain totally free below. Ok, you can buy a sheath specifically designed for this purpose as an accessory, but in my opinion it would have been more logical to insert it as a standard accessory, and not force users to spend more money to solve the problem.

Selling price and considerations

The selling price of the structure alone Flexipot E7 it is 469,99 euros, while if you want to buy it with the same worktop that we received on trial, the figure would increase to 699,98 euros. So yeah, it's certainly not one economic height adjustable desk, this is true. But quality comes at a price. Furthermore, through a dedicated page (you find here) you will be able to access a series of discounts made available by the brand for Christmas promotions.

Review Flexispot E7 Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Cheap Features UK Size Discount Coupon

Despite the cable management issue, Flexipot E7 I liked it alot. It's a very solid, super adjustable and feature packed electric desk. In short, in my opinion it is worth spending a few euros more, especially for a product with which you will have to deal at least 6/8 hours a day for 5 days a week.

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