The Navee N65 electric scooter drops below €500 for the first time!

Vessel N65

Do you want to switch to green mobility but don't know how to navigate among the available vehicles and how to save money? The electric scooter Navee N65 is the model that's right for you: perfect for starting to use a device of this type, but made to last, now at a decidedly top price thanks to this discount code from Heck!

New discount for Navee N65: this time it's absolute minimum (as free EU shipping)

Vessel N65

Sometimes, due to mobility or space requirements, it is preferable to go electric with a scooter rather than with a bike. Navee N65 - solution also launched by us, but which starts from Xiaomi YouPin - is the perfect device to move freely and without encumbrances.

This is a model folding, characterized by wheels from 10", a 500W motor, a maximum speed of 25 km/h and autonomy up to 65 km. The double folding system (which concerns the body and the handlebar) allows you to gain even more space.

Vessel N65

The electric scooter Navee N65 price drops once again, but now the opportunity is super and it comes from Heck: for the first time the vehicle arrives at €489, obviously complete with free shipping directly from the store's European warehouses.

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