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miui 13 stable xiaomi.eu

There are multiple methods of installing the MIUI 13 aboard your Xiaomi, Redmi or smartphone POCO: one is the ROMs Xiaomi.eu. There are official updates that you get from time to time, but there is also the Beta China program (which introduces the news well in advance) and related Xiaomi.eu port. But in addition to the Betas, the ROMs stable, not as early as the Beta ROMs but in any case more "rapid" than the western counterpart. If you would like to preview the MIUI 13, know that also in this case the Xiaomi.eu team has thought of you.

Last updated: January 7nd

The concept behind the Xiaomi.eu ROMs is very simple: take the Chinese ROMs, which come out before the Global and / or EEA ones, and convert them to the western audience. This means translation into various languages, including the Italian language, and installing essentials such as Google services e Play Store, as well as purging unnecessary bloatware outside China.

At the time of writing the article, there are still few Xiaomi smartphone models that have been officially (and not) updated to MIUI 13. But the list below will be updated as other Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO will be brought to the new version of MIUI.

ModelVersionRecovery ROMFastboot ROM
Xiaomi 12V13.0.41.0.SLCCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.36.0)
Xiaomi 12 ProV13.0.41.0.SLBCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.36.0)
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimension EditionV13.0.15.0.SLGCNXM-Download
Xiaomi 12LiteV13.2.1.0.TLIMIXM-Download
Xiaomi 12T Pro (Redmi K50 Ultra)V13.0.10.0.SLFCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.7.0)
Xiaomi 12XV13.0.10.0.SLDCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.7.0)
Xiaomi 12SV13.0.20.0.SLTCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.17.0)
xiaomi 12s proV13.0.18.0.SLECNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.12.0)
Xiaomi 12S UltraV13.0.11.0.SLACNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Xiaomi 12tV13.0.5.0.SLQMIXM-Download
Xiaomi Mi 11V13.0.9.0.SKBCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / UltraV13.0.13.0.SKACNXMDownloadDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 4GV13.0.10.0.SKQMIXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.14.0.SKICNXM-Download
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.3.0.SKOCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.2.0)
Xiaomi Mi 11i (K40 Pro / Pro +)V13.0.13.0.SKKCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Xiaomi 11t proV13.0.7.0.SKDMIXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.4.0)
Xiaomi Mi 10V13.0.8.0.SJBCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.6.0)
Xiaomi Mi 10 ProV13.0.6.0.SJACNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.4.0)
Xiaomi mi 10 ultraV13.0.6.0.SJJCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.4.0)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5GV13.0.4.0.SJIMIXM-Download
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite ZoomV13.0.9.0.SJVCNXM-Download
Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro (K30S)V13.0.7.0.SJDCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.5.0)
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (Note 9 Pro 5G)V13.0.15.0.SJSCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.6.0)
Xiaomi Mi 10SV13.0.10.0.SGACNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.6.0)
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5GV13.0.1.0.RFXCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi MIX 4V13.0.8.0.SKMCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.6.0)
Xiaomi CitizenV13.0.6.0.SKVCNXM-Download
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro)V13.0.4.0.RFDCNXMDownload-
Xiaomi MiNote 10 LiteV13.0.4.0.SFNMIXM-Download
POCO F4 (Redmi K40S)V13.0.11.0.SLMCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.7.0)
POCO F3 (Redmi K40)V13.0.9.0.SKHCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.6.0)
POCO F2 Pro (K30 Pro)V13.0.6.0.SJKCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.4.0)
POCO X3NFCV13.0.1.0.SJGMIXMDownload-
POCO X3 ProV13.0.8.0.SJUMIXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.4.0)
POCO X4 GT (Redmi Note 11T Pro)V13.0.14.0.SLOCNXM-Download
Redmi K50V13.0.26.0.SLKCNXM-Download
Redmi K50 ProV13.0.24.0.SLNCNXM-Download
Redmi k50iV13.0.14.0.SLOCNXM-Download
Redmi K50 GamingV13.0.11.0.SLJCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.10.0)
Redmi K30V13.0.6.0.SGHCNXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.3.0)
Redmi K30 5GV13.0.5.0.SGICNXM-Download
Redmi K30i 5GV13.0.4.0.SGICMXM-Download
Redmi Notes 11NFCV13.0.5.0.SGKMIXMDownload-
Redmi Notes 11 Pro 5GV13.0.4.0.SKCMIXM-Download
Redmi Note 11E ProV13.0.3.0.SKCCNXM-Download
Redmi Note 10V13.0.11.0.SKGMIXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Notes redmi 10 ProV13.0.15.0.SKFMIXMDownloadDownload (V13.0.8.0)
Notes redmi 9 ProV13.0.2.0.SJZMIXM-Download
Redmi Notes 9SV13.0.2.0.SJWMIXMDownload-
Redmi 9T (Note 9 4G)V13.0.4.0.SJQCNXMDownload-

How to install MIUI 13 in the Xiaomi.eu version

Since these are custom ROMs, the ports of the Xiaomi.eu team must be installed as if they were a third-party ROM. This means you have done it unlocking the bootloader and then the installation of the TWRP custom recovery for Recovery ROMs. I remind you that this type of procedure could involve formatting the smartphone memory, therefore I invite you to make a backup of the data that you do not want to delete.

How to install Xiaomi.eu in Recovery ROM format
How to install Xiaomi.eu in Fastboot ROM format

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