Watch out for iPad 2022: it ends badly when under pressure

apple ipad 2022 resistance test jerryrigeverything

Every year we see the release of tablets Apple, and if in 2010 the very first iPad it was available in only one version, over the years the models have multiplied. We had the Mini, the Air and the Pro variants, but for many the reference choice is the basic model, the one most within reach of the pockets of those who don't want to shell out a large sum. But as can be seen from resistance test performed by JerryRigEverything, Apple has also saved in terms of build quality.

iPad 2022 does not fare well when stressed in endurance tests

Let's talk about the elephant in the room right away: the bend test, the infamous bending test that claimed a new victim in the form of iPad 2022. Trying to flex it with both hands, Zach managed quite simply to break the body of the Apple tablet, whose weak point turns out to be the section where the Smart Connector magnetic pins are located. Through them it is possible to connect the Smart Keyboard and transform the tablet into a portable PC, provided you have a less resistant side frame.

It must be said that the bend test is not exactly an ideal test for testing the build quality of a device, although tablets are more subject to bending due to their greater diagonal than smartphones. But it is also true that the cost-effectiveness of the iPad 2022 can also be denoted by another more significant detail, such as the space between the glass and the LCD panel which returns a less premium visual effect than the more expensive Apple tablets. For the rest, iPad proves to live up to expectations, with a glass front and a metal body with average scratch resistance.

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