Google improves OTA updates: installation times halved

Google Android OTA

Developers of Google are working on improvements for OTA updates by Android, making system files much faster to install. The first smartphones to benefit from it will obviously be the pixel.

Every minute counts: OTA updates on Android will be even faster

In some new patches developed for Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Google has reduced the size of over-the-air updates and the time required to install them, especially for Pixel smartphones.

An update OTA da 2.2 GB will take approx 13 minutes for full installation, instead of the 23 minutes needed currently, saving 43%. The test was conducted on Pixel 6Pro, it is therefore possible that new generation smartphones can achieve even faster times.

This improvement will be exploited mainly by Google smartphones, but all devices Android 13 with virtual partitions A/B and update compression mechanisms will benefit from this new system. We just have to hope that other smartphone manufacturers can also adopt the benefits of Seamless Update.

The new one will most likely also take advantage of this new over-the-air update system Pixel 7a, of which I recently am leaked the first images on the net.

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