To get back in shape and lose weight after the Christmas binges, a smartwatch is enough

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

L'Epiphany all the kilos it takes away. Or maybe not, it wasn't quite like that, but come on, it couldn't have been more spot on. The arrival of the Befana closes the Christmas holidays, and even if with our stockings full of chocolate, candies and various sweets, we'd better start thinking about how get rid of that pound or two placed between lunches, dinners, aperitifs and the reunions of these days. Start doing some physical activity, perhaps to be associated with a post-holiday detox diet.

The solutions can be different: do you prefer to go to the gym or train at home? Do you prefer to enroll in one of those online courses or do you have enough experience to follow a do-it-yourself worksheet? Gather some PDFs online or prefer to watch some videos from a personal trainer random fished on youtube? Whatever your choice, nothing can encourage you to achieve your goals if a good trainer by your side, ready to support you and push you to overcome your limits.

What happens, though, when you don't get the chance to have one personal trainer to rely on? Ok, what we are about to say may sound a bit strange, but where the human presence does not arrive, there it is tech comes to our rescue. And how can technological progress help us? Simple: putting at our disposal some devices highly capable and capable of monitor our performance, pushing us to reach our goals and keeping our health under control, but also the psychophysical well-being.

Specifically, we are talking about SmartWatch e Fitness bands, wearables that can operate completely autonomously and are capable of process an infinite amount of data and information which they then send to our smartphone, keeping us constantly informed of our progress. But how?

How does the smartwatch or fitness band help us get back in shape after the Christmas holidays?

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

We have already said it. One SmartWatch or a Fitness bands it can be of great help to us in achieving our goals of weight loss and post-party and binge-tightening goals. These devices, so comfortable on the wrist that we will even forget we have one – in a positive sense, huh – are in fact designed to monitor various activities and in some cases they also make use of real Virtual coaches that guide us towards the exact execution of the exercises or motivate us to give our best.

The effectiveness of smartwatches and fitness bands in supporting our physical activity and helping us to lose those pounds taken during the holiday season it is due to the software and hardware of these devices, which make use of powerful sensors who act silently and undisturbed in order to offer us accurate and precise data on our performance. And not only.

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

An example? It is now very common to find sensors for the heart rate monitoring and sonno, but also of the oxygen saturation in the blood and the stress, complete with breathing exercises that help us achieve a certain inner tranquility. And again, other sensors deal with the detection of physical effort, while other technologies track the steps taken, distance traveled in case of running, walking or similar activities, and the Calories burn. Anyway, all this data is then processed and transferred to the smartphone, within report very detailed to consult to understand what our current psychophysical state is and where we can improve.

Smartwatch vs Fitness band: which is the best device to get back in shape after the holidays?

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

However, we must draw attention here to small ones differences which allow us to categorize a smartwatch and distinguish it from a fitness band. The latter, in fact, yes mainly focuses on sports and most of its features are designed to offer us all-round support when we train. For this reason, fitness bands – or fitness trackers – offer many sport modes, many more than what can be found on a common smartwatch, last a long time and support more sophisticated functions in this sense, such as the automatic detection of sports activity.

The latter is a very useful feature when you forget to manually start the session on the device so that it starts monitoring our progress, acting in full autonomy for certain activities.

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

Lo SmartWatchinstead, it is a device more complete from other points of view: the more advanced ones and generally the more expensive ones also allow us to make phone calls directly from our wrist, reply to messages, listen to music, make payments and offer support to a series of apps that can be managed directly from there. Another point in favor of the smartwatch is certainly the , much larger than what we can find on a common fitness band and which therefore allows us to view a greater amount of information more easily.

What could be your best ally for weight loss and post-holiday fitness, only you can know. What are your needs and how do you want this little one Virtual coaches laptop can help you achieve your goal?

How to get back in shape and lose weight with a smartwatch: the best solutions

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

Yes we do. The market is now crammed with SmartWatch e fitness tracker and choosing the one that best suits your needs can be a challenge. But in the end, what are we for if not to make your life easier? And here we are to suggest two excellent devices with which to get back in shape after the holidays. They are both OPPO, for an brand which has managed to distinguish itself for having created super intelligent and excellent value for money solutions quality price.

Specifically, let's talk about OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Band 2, with the first that is halfway between being a smartwatch and a fitness band, and the second that is characterized by its large dial that makes it much easier to interact with the device and view all the necessary information.

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

OPPO Watch Free is perfect for those who want to wake up after various dinners and binges, not only because it offers the classic monitoring functions of the heart rate, Dell 'blood oxygenation (SpO2) and a sophisticated sensor of 6-axis movement, useful for managing the over 100 sports modes included. But also because it offers alerts of sedentary (urging us to get up and move around) e liquid intake reminder, essential for hydration and for the drainage of stagnant liquids full of toxins, and then eliminate them through the urine. Then there are the shutter for remote camera control and the controller for music.

All at a really good price that makes this device a real must-have for weight loss and recovery of post-holiday physical well-being. On the official store of the brand, in fact, you can find OPPO Watch Free just €59,99. If you are interested, you can find our full review HERE.

Get back in shape oppo fitness band smartwatch

Moving on to OPPO Band 2, this offers aviewing area wider of the 74% than the previous generation and offers more tracking than 100 sporting activities with particular attention to running and the tennis. In the latter case, this fitness band is able to recognize different racket strokes and record five types of data: strokes, racket swing, activity duration, heart rate and calories burned. Apart from that, the device also offers the automatic detection of 4 activities: walking, running, elliptical machine and rowing machine.

In short, this is a much more fitness-oriented device and perfect for tennis lovers, and more. Also in this case OPPO focuses on value for money and markets this fantastic wearable for just €69,99 on its online store. Below is the link to purchase: if you don't see the boxes below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

59,99 € - € 69,99

So? What are you waiting for? For this year, build the best version of yourself. Get fit, do it with OPPO.

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