Douxlife Gaming Chair Review: Absolute comfort with the built-in massager

Douxlife gaming chair

Every self-respecting gamer needs the right comfort and correct posture to spend a lot of time in front of their favorite video game and Sweetlife has really thought of everything with its Gaming Chair with built-in massager. Find out with us what makes this chair unique in our review!

Douxlife gaming chair review

Unboxing and editing

Douxlife gaming chair

The gaming chair Sweetlife it is well packaged, but we would have liked to find more protection for the various parts to be assembled, especially for the seat and back. If the armrests and legs were wrapped in the bubble wrap, the same cannot be said of the protection reserved for the faux leather parts: simply wrapped in a thin plastic film.

The assembly is not complex and the instructions are exhaustive: the assembly can also be completed by a single person if you have suitable space and support surfaces. If not, we recommend that you get help from a friend or family member, because the pieces are still heavy and could cause injury or break if dropped.

It took us about an hour to complete the assembly and get the chair up and running, which is fully in line with assembling any other gaming chair. The massager, a peculiar part of this chair, is in fact already integrated into the backrest and only the connection of two cables that come out of the back pocket is required to put it into operation.

Design and materials

Douxlife gaming chair

The chair is aesthetically pleasant to watch, in line with the trend of recent years. Style "racing” offers decisive but never angular lines, which perfectly wrap around the back of the user. For the materials, however, more could have been dared. L'faux leather with which the backrest, seat, footrest and cushions are upholstered is soft, pleasant and comfortable, but the plastics intended to cover the mechanisms and part of the armrests could have had better finishes.

However, the structure is very solid and we never had the feeling that it could not support the weight of a person. The wheels roll well and although they got dusty rather quickly they never lost mobility. A plus since many gaming chairs tend to lose sliding in the wheels after a few months.

Seat and comfort

Douxlife gaming chair

This gaming chair really offers all kinds of comfort, and this is the great merit of Sweetlife: having created a seat capable of accommodating anyone for long periods without ever feeling the weight of the time spent in front of a PC or game console. The backrest can be reclined up to 175°, with the possibility of also extending the legs thanks to the removable footrest, and pillows for the head and lumbar area (an excellent solution if you want to take a nap in the office during your lunch break).

The peculiarity, as mentioned above, is all in the integrated massager. Equipped with a remote control to adjust the operation, the massager is able to stimulate with vibration up to 7 different points of our body, in different modalities and two types of intensity. The device can massage different points of back, lumbar, thighs e legs, choosing between the pulse, wave and press functions.

The intensity is also adjustable, but we advise you to keep the setting "high", since the mode "low” is a little too weak and you may not perceive well the type of massage you have decided to activate.

Douxlife gaming chair review – Final considerations and price

Douxlife gaming chair

The gaming chair Sweetlife is offered at a price of €279.99 on Amazon: a figure that can also be considered low given the massaging functions offered by this device. Better materials for the plastic parts and more careful packaging would certainly have earned this chair a few more points, but finally we would like to recommend this product Sweetlife (especially on the occasion of some discount).

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