Charge up to 4 devices with the 20W Bakeey i65: 45% off today!

Bakeey i20 65W

Having a charging station with a port that is always available for a new device is no good poco, and Bakeey he knows it well. Thanks to the new i20 charger da 65W with technology GaN, you can easily keep in charge up to four devices with fast charging: today on sale at a really super price!

Bakeey i20: Connect up to 4 devices with 65W fast charging

Bakeey i20 65W

Bakeey i20 is a GaN (gallium nitride semiconductor) technology charger that supports charging modes Quick Charge 3.0 via USB type A port e Power Delivery 3.0 through the USB-C ports. In fact, the device is equipped with 4 ports (in groups of two): Two USB-C and two more Type-A outputs.

The maximum power output is quantifiable in 65W, which are split equally across all available ports. Let's say, for example, the case of wanting to charge two devices with USB-C: in this situation the charger will try to identify the device that needs the most energy by delivering 45W, while the second will have 20W of power left.

Bakeey i20 65W

For all the cases, we leave you to the official product page which, thanks to very detailed diagrams, clearly and exhaustively explains the possible power subdivisions between USB-C e USB type A. The charger is equipped with protection for short circuits and over-voltage, as well as a mechanism of safety in case the device overheats. The charger is equipped with an EU socket, so you will not need to add any reducer or converter to it.

Bakeey i20 65W is available on BangGood at the price of €31,82 instead of €57,86, with one 45% Off Shipping, from China, provides for the addition of only € 2,97.

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